PhD alumni

Meet our PhD alumni and explore their research topics.

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PhD candidate Amanda Wallis

Amanda Wallis

The role of place attachment in increasing individual preparedness for natural hazard events.

PhD Candidate Amy Walsh

Amy Walsh

Motivation reduces positive and negative emotional distractions.

PhD candidate Anna Kurek

Anna Kurek

Understanding Online Disinhibition: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Information and Communication Technology and Adolescent Personality, Identity,

PhD candidate Claudie Peloquin

Claudie Peloquin

Representing Minds Representing Minds: An Examination of the Association between Recursive Mental State Attributions and Executive Processes.

PhD Candidate Becky Bloore looking over her shoulder in front of a blue backdrop

Becky Bloore

How Hedonic and Contra-Hedonic Motivations to Experience Positive and Negative Emotions Predict Dysfunctional Emotion Regulation and Depressive Symptoms.

PhD candidate Buaphrao Raphiphatthana

Buaphrao Raphiphatthana

Investigation into the relationship between mindfulness and grit, and the role of meditation experience in the relationship, across cultures.

Teddy bear sitting on a tree branch

Charlotte Gutenbrunner

Overgeneral autobiographical memory and psychopathology in adolescence.

Cellphone camera viewing network of faces

Ceara Nicolls

Transference of Self Concept in First Impressions of Similar Others.

image of flying planes leaving emissions across the sky

Chelsea Rose

The measurement and prediction of conspiracy beliefs.

PhD candidate Chris Deak photographed in front of an attractive book case of academic literature.

Chris K. Deak

Cooperative gender beliefs and cost-benefit trade-offs of gender inequality.

PhD candidate Christopher Maymon

Christopher Maymon

Exploration of Relations between Belief-Tracking and Motor Processing using a new Ecologically-Valid Helping Task for Adults.

PhD candidate Cong Fan

Cong Fan

Processing Mechanisms Of Eye-Head Cues And Eye-Finger-Pointing Cues In The Dot-Perspective Task.

on location photo of PhD candidate Daniel Wegerhoff

Daniel Wegerhoff

Understanding gangs: Developing an epistemically pluralist framework for gang research

Image of PhD candidate Gates Hendersen looking into the camera

Elle Henderson

Autism and Social Interaction: A Discursive Psychological Study.

PhD candidate Cong Fan

Emma Ashcroft

Visual deficits in dyslexia: theoretical models and interventions.

PhD candidate Emma Tennent

Emma Tennent

Identity and help in calls to Victim Support.

image of PhD candidate Fiona Dempsey looking into the camera

Fiona Dempsey

Control and Intimate Partner Aggression.

image of PhD candidate Geraldine Smieszhala in a green top standing infront of foliage on campus

Geraldine Smieszhala

Negative Reinforcement in the Description-Experience Gap

puzzle pieces connecting together

Giovanni Zani

Action Prediction: a Multimodal Techniques Investigation of the Functional Relationship Between Belief-Tracking and Motor Processes

PhD candidate Gloria Fraser

Gloria Fraser

Rainbow experiences of accessing mental health support in Aotearoa New Zealand: A community-based mixed methods study.

PhD Candidate Hannah Hawkins Elder standing in front of an academic poster in Easterfield Building

Hannah Hawkins Elder

The Explanation of Disordered Eating: A Metatheoretical Approach.

PhD candidate Hazel Godfrey

Hazel Godfrey

A role for attentional bias in cognitive deficits in chronic pain?

PhD Candidate In Kuk Kim standing for a photo in front of a window with Wellington City in background

In Kuk Kim

Strategic Communication for Pro-Environmentalism: Is Political Polarisation Reduced by Environmental Messages that Emphasise Conservative Worldviews?

Johannes Karl

Dispositional Mindfulness in Context: Cultural and Individual Perspectives.

PhD Candidate John Kerr on location shot on Victoria University grounds

John Kerr

Why do we argue about science? Exploring the psychological antecedents of rejection of science.

inverse image of text on a stamp

Katherine Fowler

Language and Cognitive Functions in a Neurological Tumour Population: A Long-Term Follow-up Study.

PhD candidate Katheryn Edwards

Katheryn Edwards

Minimal mindreaders let spinning dogs lie: New evidence for the dual-process account of human mindreading.

PhD Candidate Kealagh Robinson looking into the camera with stairwell from VUW on location is in the background

Kealagh Robinson

Emotion in non-suicidal self-injury: A contradiction between global self-reports and real-time responses.

PhD candidate Kris Nielsen

Kristopher Nielsen

What is Mental Disorder? Developing an Embodied, Embedded, and Enactive Psychopathology.

Image of alumni Laina Isler looking into the Camera

Laina Isler

A typological investigation of personality: Trait expression as a coordinated system of self-regulatory functioning.

A close landscape shot of PhD Candidate Laura Anderson outside Victoria University grounds on a lovely sunny day.

Laura Anderson

(Over)Estimating Shared Cultural Knowledge: Evidence for early use of a knowledge prediction heuristic in children.

School teacher with child investigating puzzles

Lauren Bryce

Understanding mechanisms that may underlie the development and maintenance of anxiety in children and adolescents: Cognitive biases and parenting behaviours.

Brick wall with fractures from earthquake

Lauren Vinnell

Why do people prepare for natural hazards? An application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour to household preparation.

Locational photo of Linda Wilkin-Krug on the Kelburn Campus

Linda Wilkin-Krug

An Immune Rat Model of Autism: Does Environmental Enrichment Alter Higher Social Functioning?

Slot machines

Lorance Taylor

The Role of Free Spins in Slot-machine Gambling.

hands up in a classroom

Lynley McLay

Hands-on learning: The influence of hand gestures on children’s recall of scientific information.

Many hands clasping eachother

Madeleine Brocklesby

A longitudinal investigation of non-suicidal self-injury and perfectionism in a sample of New Zealand adolescents.

PhD candidate Marco Zdrenka

Marco Zdrenka

Am I Luckier Than You? Individual Differences in Precognition Performance.

photo album being viewed by three women of different ages

Mary Dewhirst

Parent-Adolescent Reminiscing and Youth Psychopathology: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Investigation.

PhD Candidate Michaela Pettie

Michaela Pettie

When Genetic and Environmental Factors Meet in Modelling Autism.

PhD Candidate Molly Fisher posing for a photo in front of a red art installation

Molly Fisher

Deconstructing dependence and gender concerns in men's hostile sexism

hand holding a glowing orb

Pieter Six

Observing Action in Uncertainty: The Role of Belief-tracking in Action Observation

cocaine powder and rolled money alongside a razor blade for snorting lines

Quenten Highgate

The Effects of Repeated Dopamine D2 Receptor Antagonism on D2 Receptor Expression and Behavioural Inflexibility


Rana Asgarova

Gain-loss asymmetry in human experiential tasks.

bright yellow now/later sign post

Rebecca Olsen

The effect of episodic future thinking on delay discounting.

PhD candidate Reneeta Mogan Naidu

Reneeta Mogan Naidu

Aligning bodies and minds: New insights about synchrony's effects on creative thinking, cohesion and positive affect.

line up of female suspects

Robbie Taylor

The Number of Unanimous Witnesses who Identify a Suspect from a Lineup Influences Mock Jurors.

hands reaching towards pills

Ross van de Wetering

Identification of novel neurochemical systems involved in the development of drug addiction using liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry.

good and evil written across the knuckles of hands

Roxy Heffernan

Beyond dynamic risk factors: Towards a comprehensive explanation of offending.

set of empty children's swings

Ruth Glynn

The effect of selective discussion on young people's autobiographical memories.

PhD candidate Samantha Stanley photographed, head and shoulders, in front of a backdrop of greenery

Samantha Stanley

Clarifying the nature of the association between social dominance orientation and environmentalism.

PhD candidate Sam Clack standing in front of a statue.

Samuel Clack

From syndromes to symptoms: Advancing our understanding of mental disorders.

PhD candidate Schyana Sivanantham

Schyana Maya Sivanantham

Movement as a window to the mind: grasping adults’ perception and understanding of others’ goal-directed movements.

police cuffing hands of criminal

Simon Davies

An Investigation of How Change in Dynamic Risk and Protective Factors Affects the Prediction of Imminent Criminal Recidivism.

graffiti artist finishing mural on pavement

Sophie Hedley

Exploring the role of schizotypy in creative cognition.

case files on a desk

Tadhg Daly

Why are Psychopaths Difficult to Treat? Testing the Two-Component Model for the Treatment of PCL Psychopaths.

A Māori

Tahlia Kingi

Ko ngā pūtake o te mātānawe ki tā te rangatahi: An exploration of self-injury in rangatahi Māori.

PhD candidate Tamara Qumseya

Tamara Qumseya

Toward a better understanding of the cultural identity negotiation: The experiences of minority youth in multicultural societies.

PhD Candidate Tessa Burgess posing for a photo in front of a large tree

Tessa Burgess

Untangling Social Reminiscing and Emotional Support

hands clenching puzzle pieces

Timothy Ganly

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Overgeneral Memory and Avoidance.