PhD students

Meet our Psychology PhD students and explore their research topics.

To find out more about our PhD students, their Psychology research, and how to contact them, visit their individual profile pages via the links below.

Photo of Aaron Hissey

Aaron Hissey

The stability of maladaptive personality traits and their impact on others

Landscape photo of Alana

Alana Haenga-O'Brien

Exploring Rangatahi Māori Understandings of Wairuatanga and Hauora

Annalisa Hughes Website Tile Photo

Annalisa Hughes

Cultural Context and Crime: How should the sociocultural environment feature in psychological explanation and practice for forensic purposes?

PhD Candidate Becky Bloore looking over her shoulder in front of a blue backdrop

Becky Bloore

Creating a General Emotion Regulation Measure.

PhD candidate Claudie Peloquin

Claudie Peloquin

Adults' higher-order mentalizing abilities.

PhD candidate Cong Fan

Cong Fan

Perspective-Taking Cognition in Adults

on location photo of PhD candidate Daniel Wegerhoff

Daniel Wegerhoff

Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Gangs as Groups.

Elizabeth McLean

Elizabeth McLean

The life experience of adolescent Māori females in the New Zealand criminal justice system.

Image of PhD candidate Gates Hendersen looking into the camera

Elle Henderson

Interactional Analyses of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

link wire fence

Ethan Carter

Conceptual issues with our current explanations of psychopathology and offence-related behaviours.

image of PhD candidate Fiona Dempsey looking into the camera

Fiona Dempsey

Exploring the role of control in intimate partner aggression.

image of PhD candidate Geraldine Smieszhala in a green top standing infront of foliage on campus

Geraldine Smieszhala

Nonadherence to preventive health behaviours.

PhD Candidate Gerard Janse van Rensburg

Gerard Janse van Rensburg

Understanding the nature of prejudice: A Multi-level Analysis of the Antecedents of Prejudice and Discrimination

puzzle pieces connecting together

Giovanni Zani

Action Understanding and Theory of Mind

PhD Candidate Hannah Hawkins Elder standing in front of an academic poster in Easterfield Building

Hannah Hawkins Elder

Explanation of Disordered Eating

PhD Candidate In Kuk Kim standing for a photo in front of a window with Wellington City in background

In Kuk Kim

Effective communication for pro-environmentalism.

PhD Candidate Joanna Mete posing for a photo in front of green foliage

Joanna Mete

Cognitive control mechanisms in anxiety

Johannes Karl

Mindfulness: Determinants and Effects.

brain with electrical storm

Justin Murphy

Does mindful attention impact processing of emotional stimuli?

PhD Candidate Kealagh Robinson looking into the camera with stairwell from VUW on location is in the background

Kealagh Robinson

Understanding the Emotional Response of Adolescents

PhD Candidate Konstantina Vasileva looking into the camera. The image is taken in The Hub on Kelburn Campus.

Konstantina Vasileva

Imagery is more than meets the eye: a new look at mental imagery processing in working memory

white and green sneakers worn by someone sitting with their feet on the lawn, close up of the feet

Kylie Sutcliffe

Scalable approaches to improving access to psychological therapies among high school students in Aotearoa New Zealand

A close landscape shot of PhD Candidate Laura Anderson outside Victoria University grounds on a lovely sunny day.

Laura Anderson

Children's Understanding of Shared Knowledge

PhD Candidate Laura Kranz posing for a photo in front of green foliage

Laura Kranz

The role of cognition and emotion in science communication

PhD Candidate Linda Fatialofa in front of a Samoan cloth.

Linda Fatialofa

A Preliminary Descriptive Model for Youth Offending

Locational photo of Linda Wilkin-Krug on the Kelburn Campus

Linda Wilkin-Krug

An Immune Rat Model of Autism: Does Environmental Enrichment Alter Higher Social Functioning?

Mei-Jing Lin

Adults Automatic Imitation and Theory of Mind Processing

MIchaela Dresel Web Tile

Michaela Dresel

Social cognitive development in infants

PhD Candidate Molly Fisher posing for a photo in front of a red art installation

Molly Fisher

Determining the role of power and gender in men’s resistance to seek support.

PhD Candidate Nuzha Saleem, in a pink headscarf and white shirt standing infront of foliage on campus

Nuzha Saleem

The effect of identity and belonging on resilience in ethnic minority youth.

hand holding a glowing orb

Pieter Six

Theory of Mind and Motor Cognition.

cocaine powder and rolled money alongside a razor blade for snorting lines

Quenten Highgate

Investigating the Role of Behavioral Flexibility in Drug Addiction

on location photo of PhD Candidate Ririwai Fox

Ririwai Fox

The role of Māori cultural embeddedness in the formation and/or reshaping of personal identity across the life-span.

PhD candidate Roisin Whelan

Roisin Whelan

Exploring the autobiographical memories of young people who offend

PhD candidate Schyana Sivanantham

Schyana Maya Sivanantham

Theory of Mind in Adults

Talylor Winter photo

Taylor Winter

Investigating how the gut microbiome signals the brain to facilitate emotion regulation.

PhD Candidate Tessa Burgess posing for a photo in front of a large tree

Tessa Burgess

The relationship between Emotional Support, Autobiographical Memory and Psychological Wellbeing within Romantic Relationships