Welcome to the School of Psychology, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington

Nau mai, haere mai ki Te Kura Mātai Hinengaro, Te Herenga Waka

Photo of the School of Psychology's Head of School, Juan Canales.

Psychology is a foundational science with career and professional pathways that are as diverse as the discipline itself. Whether you want to become a clinical psychologist, work in the health system, government, education, human resources, media, or management, or develop a career in academia and research, we will create for you a pathway that will lead you to success.

As the scientific applications of psychology continue to grow, so does our diverse population of students with wide-ranging cultural backgrounds. We cater for the needs of all students and care for the success of every one of them. In recognition that human behaviour is at the heart of many global challenges, our mission is to provide students with work-ready psychology education, equip them with knowledge that will transform their lives, and prepare them with lifelong skills to analyse, understand, and design evidence-based solutions for such complex challenges.

With a focus on academic excellence, our national and global reputation as world leaders in psychology continues to grow.  We are recognised as one of the top 100 schools of psychology in the world and are currently ranked amongst the top 10 schools in Australia and New Zealand. Integrated within Te Wāhanga Pūtaiao, the Faculty of Science at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington, we are regional and global leaders in research and education, and continue to attract and welcome national and international talent, including students, academics and professional staff. We are one of the most international faculties in the world, with 65% of our academic members coming from countries other than New Zealand. We are therefore respectful of, and actively embrace, cultural diversity, and we foster inclusion, intellectual challenge, innovation, and adaptability to change. Our Academic staff are the world’s best in their fields, with research strengths and specialties in many areas of psychology, including clinical psychology, forensic psychology, behavioural and cognitive science, brain science, and psychology and culture.

Deeply respectful of the rich culture and heritage of Aotearoa, we are fully committed to creating a space where cultures can meet, learn from one another, work together, and flourish together. Our School of Psychology is not only a place where all students, academics and other professionals are welcomed and supported but an organisation ready to expand and grow its educational programs through curriculum innovation, community engagement and increased research focus to facilitate the creation of a pipeline of transformative psychologists who will deliver better science, health and improved social and educational outcomes for all new Zealanders and the world. We would love to help you become one of them.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Kei te tumanako matou ki te manaaki i a koe

Professor Juan J. Canales

Head of School