The School of Psychology offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that set students up for rewarding careers in a range of fields.

When you take Psychology courses at Victoria University of Wellington you will become part of an exciting and active research community. Our courses include practical lab work, using state of the art technology and techniques. You will have the opportunity to participate in the research conducted at the School and develop the skills required for your work to be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Staff at the school bring a wide range of practical and research experience to their teaching, including academics who are the top international scholars in their fields. We have dedicated facilities for our specialist areas—cognitive, social, developmental, physiological, cross-cultural, family, clinical and criminal justice psychology, animal behaviour, and psychological measurement. Find out more about our research labs (groups of researchers).

Studying Psychology

You can study Psychology at three different levels:

  • Undergraduate: Start your studies with a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology.
  • Graduate: If you’ve completed a degree in a different subject, but want to add undergraduate-level Psychology courses and/or meet the requirements for postgraduate study.
  • Postgraduate: Deepen your understanding and enhance your career options by following your degree in Psychology with a higher-level qualification.

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Undergraduate study

Find out about your study options—you can choose to study psychology in a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Psychology, or Bachelor of Science.

Postgraduate study in Psychology

The School of Psychology offers a range of postgraduate qualifications, including diplomas, Honours degrees, Master’s and PhD programmes.

Courses offered

Find a full list of undergraduate and postgraduate courses currently taught in the School of Psychology.


Find out about careers that use the analytical and statistical skills, and knowledge of human behaviour that you've learnt by studying Psychology.

Awards and scholarships

There are a number of scholarships, prizes and awards available to students studying at Victoria University of Wellington.