Manjuparna Raychaudhuri

Trajectory profiles of youth engaging in repeat offending

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Manjuparna Raychaudhuri

PhD Student
School of Psychology


Manjuparna completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology from India. After which, even though she received a Master of Science in Cognitive Science and completed a Thesis on Micro-genesis of Emotion Perception her growing interest in the forensic field had her pursue a second master’s degree. She was awarded a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Ohio, USA specializing in Forensic Psychology in 2013. After graduating, she then joined the Ohio Bureau of Rehabilitation and Corrections as a Graduate Research intern working on recidivism. Meanwhile, she received her Post graduate Diploma in Cyber Forensics, Cyber Law, Cyber Crimes & Cyber Security from the International Forensic Science Institute, India. Her burgeoning love for research and forensic psychology led her to continue her academic journey. Currently, she is a PhD scholar at Victoria University of Wellington. Her thesis is on understanding reoffending behaviour among youth using highly advanced statistical modelling. She joined the Affective and Criminal Neuroscience Lab in the year 2019. Other than academia she enjoys rescuing animals, sketching, and studying astrology in her leisure.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology
Master of Science in Cognitive Science
Master of Science (Academic Distinction) in Criminal Justice (Specialization: Forensic Psychology)
P.G. Diploma in Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security & Cyber Law

Research Interests

Developmental criminology, Mixture models/Complex Statistical modelling, Youth Offending, Recidivism/Reoffending, Individual Differences, Impulsivity, Neuroscience, Psychophysiological and Neuroimaging methods in Forensic context.


Eisenbarth, H., Heesterman, C., Raychaudhuri, M., & Shearer, K. (2020). Fledgling psychopathy or just conduct problems? Commentary on the paper: Fledgling psychopaths at midlife: Forensic features, criminal careers, and coextensive psychopathology by Matt DeLisi, Alan J. Drury & Michael J. Elbert. Forensic Science International: Mind and Law1, 100020.

PhD topic

Trajectory profiles of youth engaging in repeat offending


Senior Lecturer
School of Social and Cultural Studies

Professor of Psychology
School of Psychology