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Find out about the range of support groups and services for students in the School of Psychology.

Māori and Pasifika students

Kia ora, Fakaalofa atu, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Ni sa bula vinaka, Talofa lava.

We understand that coming to university can be challenging. Whether it’s moving to Wellington, financial constraints, learning course content, or getting back into study after many years out of the education system—we’re here to help you along your journey.

Our Kaiāwhina Tauira, is here to support Māori and Pasifika students studying Psychology. Our Kaiāwhina is keen to help wherever possible, be it whānau, personal, or study matters. Kaua e whakamā—don’t be shy!

For our undergraduate students there are Kaupapa Māori tutorials that focus on providing support for any students who are interested in learning in a group environment. These may be beneficial for Māori and Pasifika students. The Kaupapa Māori tutorials will be offered for students studying PSYC 121 and PSYC 122.

The School and Kaiāwhina also work collaboratively with Āwhina and Pasifika Student Success, the on-campus whānau, who also support Māori and Pasifika students from undergraduate through to postgraduate studies.

More information on the Māori and Pasifika communities at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington can be found on the Māori at the University and Pasifika at the University websites. Pasifika at the University have also developed a list of scholarships available to Pasifika students.

International students

Applications for admission and enrolment to the university from international students are handled by Wellington University International. Once applications have been completed, Wellington University International will forward the application to the Faculty and then onto the School for consideration.

Wellington University International is able to provide you with information about fees, visas, medical and travel insurance and study abroad information etc. It is essential that you contact Wellington University International to get the enrolment process underway as it can take time to process, and keep in mind that there may be deadlines which your application must comply with.

Our qualifications are designed to give you a broad basis of understanding within Psychology and will allow you to specialise in a specific area of research as you develop your knowledge.

We offer the following qualifications

It is important that, in addition to the International Application, you also include the guidelines or forms that have been provided by the School. For example, if you are applying for an Honours year include your ranked courses and alternatives; if you are applying for a Master's Part 2 thesis, incorporate the School’s Master's application form.

Please read the information for each qualification thoroughly.

To enter postgraduate study students must have a recognised undergraduate qualification majoring in psychology.

Postgraduate structure.

Postgraduate Structure

Other services

There are a number of organisations on campus available to you: