2016 News

  • Uta Waterhouse stands in front of no smoking sign

    Smoking to self-medicate

    New research from Victoria University of Wellington into high rates of smoking among people with schizophrenia has found that patients may be using it to alleviate symptoms of the disorder.

  • Laina Isler receives PGSA Victoria's award 2016

    Laina Isler, was awarded the PGSA Victoria’s 2016 Postgraduate Teaching Award for her work in co-ordinating, organizing the labs and tutors, and helping legions of students in PSYC232 in 2016.

  • 2016 Research Excellence Award

    Dr Taciano Milfont has been selected by The Award Committee, Office of the Vice-Provost (Research) to receive a Research Excellence Award.

  • Summer Research Scholarship awarded

    Jason Lescelius, one of the Centre for Applied Cross Cultural Research's (CACR) first year Masters students, has been awarded a Summer Research Scholarship to undertake some work for the Settlement, Protection and Attraction Division at MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment).

  • NZ-Germany Catalyst Grant

    Dr Gina Grimshaw and her German colleagues have been awarded the 2016 New Zealand - Germany  Science & Technology grant. Their project title, "Controlled by Emotions? Understanding the Interplay between emotions and higher cognitive function using electrophysiology.

  • Marsden Fund Grants for 2016

    It is with great delight we announce that Dr Alia Martin and Dr Tirta Susilo have been successful with two Fast-Start Marsden grants which are for early career researchers.