Aaron Hissey

The stability of maladaptive personality traits and their impact on others

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Aaron Hissey

Aaron Hissey

PhD Student
School of Psychology


Aaron Hissey is a part-time doctoral candidate within the School of Psychology and a part-time Senior Policy Advisor in the New Zealand public service. His doctoral research examines the stability of maladaptive personality traits across the lifespan, with a focus on psychopathy and narcissism in older age groups, and how those with maladaptive traits negatively impact their partners’ wellbeing. Aaron wants to better understand how personality changes over time and to identify ways to reduce the negative impacts that maladaptive traits can have on others.


Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), The University of Adelaide

Research Interests

Personality stability and change, personality measurement, psychopathy, narcissism, clinical psychology

PhD topic

The stability of maladaptive personality traits and their impact on others


Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology
School of Psychology · AFCRINLAB

Senior Lecturer in Methods and Statistics
School of Psychology


Affective and Criminal Neuroscience Lab

Directed by Dr Hedwig Eisenbarth

Our research is about the neurobiology of emotion in every-day and antisocial contexts. Psychopathic traits and aggression as well as cooperative behaviour are the constructs we use to investigate the basic mechanisms of emotion processing..