Emotional Arousal Pattern database

Access the Emotional Arousal Pattern (EMAP) database, a shared database for psychophysiological responding to affective stimuli.

This database includes neuro- and peripheral physiological as well as valence and arousal rating data from 145 individuals while they were watching a variety of short video clips.

The shared database includes:

  • 145 participants (mean age: 22.7 years (SD = 6.7); 93 female, 48 male, 4 other; 137 right-handed)
  • 3,434 trials (video viewings)
  • moment-by-moment ratings of emotional intensity and ratings for each trial
  • 63-channel EEG
  • heart rate (BPM)
  • respiration
  • skin conductance (SCR)
  • blood volume (plethysmography).

Formats of the data:

  • raw dataset (minimal preprocessing and contains some artifactual and missing data)
  • clean dataset (after preprocessing, see publication)
  • master .csv file with participant demographics, video information.

Providing this resource for scientific research was possible thanks to the participants in the study and to funding from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

The database can be referenced with:

Eisenbarth, H., Oxner, M., Shehu, H. A., Gastrell, T., Walsh, A., Browne, W. & Xue, B. (under review). Emotional Arousal Pattern Database (EMAP): A new database for psychophysiological responding to affective stimuli and its arousal pattern. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.

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