Student event proposal

Fill out the application form below if you have an idea for an event you'd like to run. NB this isn't restricted to just concerts - other events such as workshops, symposiums etc will be considered.

Applications will be considered throughout the year but it is advisable to apply as early as possible in the year, as there are limited funds available.

Proposals will be assessed with regard to how many of the following qualities they demonstrate:

The event demonstrates a degree of fairness in terms of those selected to be involved (is opened up for submissions etc)
The event works across more than one programme at NZSM
The event involves a high quality performance/ presentation opportunity for students
The event offers an exceptional learning opportunity for students
The event gives students (including the organisers) useful experience for future employment opportunities
The event contributes to a sense of community at NZSM
The event supports and develops engagement with Maori/Pasifika communities
The event is innovative; it challenges how we experience music and/or pushes boundaries in music making