MUSC 160 Basic Musical Techniques

To help prospective students meet our theory entrance requirements, MUSC 160 Basic Musical Techniques is normally offered in January to February, Trimester 3, before starting 100-level study. You will need to apply to enrol for Trimester 3 of the previous year.

MUSC 160 is designed to bring prospective music students who do not already have the required minimum level of theory knowledge up to the level required for entry into their first year of music study. The material covered by MUSC 160 is approximately equivalent to attaining Grade 5 Theory from Trinity Guildhall, ABRSM or AMEB. Students who pass MUSC 160 with a grade of B or better are eligible for entry into MUSC 166.

For enrolment deadlines for each trimester of study, please visit this page.

Year 13 students

Current Year 13 students can apply for Discretionary Entrance to MUSC 160 in Trimester 3. You must apply to enrol online and complete the Discretionary Entrance application form.

However, as discretionary entrance to a trimester 3 course occurs before your NCEA or other examination results are available, admission requirements for the following year will still need to be met.