Adam Concert Room

The Adam Concert Room (ACR) is the main auditorium at the New Zealand School of Music. The building has good acoustics. The floor is flat with stackable chairs giving a seating capacity of about 140 depending on the amount of space required for performance.

The main entry is through Gate 7 on Kelburn Parade (actually called Culliford Drive) with the pathway leading to NZSM on the right about halfway down the hill. Parking during business hours is extremely limited on the grounds of the Victoria University of Wellington campus. There is no wheelchair access by this route.

The steep downward road through Gate 8 leads directly to the back door at the ACR level and for cars of sufficient compactness, Fairlie Terrace does wind past the University buildings from Gate 9 to this same back entrance. These are the only feasible wheelchair access routes to the ACR.

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