Recorded auditions

Read about the guidelines for submitting a recorded audition to the New Zealand School of Music.

The New Zealand School of Music encourages applicants to attend auditions in person, but if that isn’t possible for you, you can submit a recording of your audition.

If you wish to submit a recorded audition, you will need to indicate this on the application to audition form.

  • Save your recording to a shared drive or video sharing channel, and select settings to allow download
  • The recording must be of good quality in terms of sound and visuals. Your singing or music playing should be clearly audible
  • Ensure your instrument is in tune
  • Camera work should be straightforward. Use a tripod and ensure that your hands are in frame. Do not use any zooms or cuts—simply find a good camera angle and start recording.

The audition may be followed up by an online interview with you (using Skype or Zoom), to be arranged at a suitable time.

See recording requirements specific to each programme on Undergraduate auditions or Master of Music Therapy auditions.