Jose Manuel Silva Jugo

Meet Jose Jugo, a Bachelor of Music student doing a double major in Composition and Music Studies.

Jose Jugo

I initially decided to take up guitar lessons in Year 9 just because music class required me to, never really thinking that it would lead to anything. However, I ended up really enjoying the lessons and studying music in general. I decided to carry on with my music tuition and when the time came to decide what to study in university, I chose music.

Composition and music studies always fascinated me throughout high school and I really enjoyed studying them. When choosing what to major in, I couldn’t decide on just one while sacrificing the other so I decided to major in both.

Without a doubt the best thing about studying both music studies and composition is when certain things I learn about in music studies act as inspiration for future compositions. Occasionally, I’ll learn how a certain composer from a specific time period treated the compositional process or how a non-Western culture treats certain musical aspects and I’ll find myself experimenting with new compositions based on that knowledge.

I took part in a gamelan class last year and as a part of the course, we played in a concert alongside other gamelan ensembles. It was the first concert that I’ve attended where the entire programme comprised of non-Western music. There was no classical, jazz, pop, or rock music, just traditional Indonesian gamelan music. It kind of served as a reminder that music is not just restricted to our Western culture, but it shared among all peoples and cultures. I really enjoyed it.

I think it’s really important to take a break every now and then and relax. It’s not good to be in ‘study-mode’ all the time and be in a constant state of intensity. That’s not to say, though, that I think you should take breaks at the expense of classes, assignments, and practice. Just make the most of your spare time and unwind; read a book, hang out with friends, play video games, stuff like that.

After I graduate I hope to be able to compose for media, whether that be films, television, video games, or similar mediums.