Lily Shaw

Meet Lily Shaw, Bachelor of Music student studying jazz saxophone and classical voice

Lily Shaw

I’m studying a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance on the tenor saxophone. I also do Classical Voice as a second instrument.

Both of my parents are musicians so I was always surrounded by music growing up, and I have always loved singing. My older brother went through jazz school before me on guitar so that’s sort of what inspired me to study there.

Saxophone is my main passion so I knew early on that I wanted to study jazz, but I did a lot of classical choral singing while I was in high school and really enjoyed it. After my first year of studying jazz I decided to start doing classical voice as a second instrument because I missed singing.

I’ve really enjoyed studying in two areas though because I’ve met a few more people from the classical school and been able to perform in two of the Days Bay Operas.

I often take quick breaks from the practise room to have a“sift” in the hallway (as we call it at jazz school) and I like to go to classes at the gym.

I love playing music with other people and have made so many nice friends by playing music together. The most inspiring thing I saw last year was Ari Hoenig and Nitai Hershkovits at the jazz festival.

After I graduate I’d love to keep on studying.