Hunter Council Chamber

The Hunter Council Chamber is on the Victoria University of Wellington Kelburn campus, and is frequently used as a performance venue by the New Zealand School of Music because of its good acoustic and charming ambience.

Two Steinway grand pianos are in the Chamber.

The capacity is 150 persons with tiered fixed seating on each side of the chamber and individual chairs available for setting out in various configurations on the flat floor.

The Hunter Council Chamber is on the north side of Level 2 in the Hunter Building. Entrance can be gained through the main glass doors from the Hunter Courtyard - the plaza on the left, half way up the Kelburn Parade hill just before the overhead walkway and between the two pedestrian crossings – or up the steps from behind the Hunter Building.

Wheelchair access is possible through the former - a lift is available from the main foyer to Level 2. Car parks on the campus can be found through Gate 1 after 6pm, or metered parks on Kelburn Parade.

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