Ana Morris

"I wanted to make objects with meaning and purpose."

Ana Morris chose Victoria University of Wellington because she knew the School of Design Innovation would provide opportunities to learn and create that she wouldn’t find anywhere else.

“I wanted to make objects with meaning and purpose. I was not interested in just making something ‘look pretty’.

“I was partly attracted to Victoria’s Design School because of the technology aspect of their programme. Students are exposed to new technologies and have access to 3D printers whenever they want to use one.”

Access to this kind of technology has allowed Ana to bring her designs to life. From creating shelving units and speakers, to designing prototype medical devices, she’s applied a range of design principles and skills and is excited about what’s coming next.

“I arrived at the Design School not having any knowledge about making things. I never would have thought that I would be where I am today, but the most exciting part of it all is that I know I have so much learning left to do.

“I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and grown so much as a designer. The lecturers really care about their students. They know all of our names and are genuinely interested in our ideas (as crazy as they may be).”