Industry associations and partnerships

The School of Design Innovation has numerous industry associations and partnerships in both the local and international markets.

The School of Design Innovation is committed to bringing academia and industry to the classroom and collaborating with progressive and innovative companies working in the international market.

Students and staff in the School of Design Innovation have had the opportunity to conduct projects with companies such as Nokia International, Methven, Click Suite, Wellington Hospital, and Sony, to name a few.

We have strong partnerships and connections with Weta Workshop, The Goethe Institut, Vitra Minatures, Fisher&Paykel, Nike, SideFX, Stratasys Education and Vodafone.

Design Led Futures (DLF) is an established initiative of the School of Design Innovation to connect final year design students with world-leading companies to produce provocative visions for the future. This exposes students to the broader leadership role of design while stretching the participating company's perception of its long-term business objectives and operating environment.

The goal and scope of the project is to extend beyond iterative predictions based in the near future (10 years) to preconceptions shattering visions sited in the distant future (80 years), with the specific intent of revealing achievable and aspiration pathway forward into the future, Design Fiction.