Molly Leishman

Molly has been inspired by the way her studies have brought her love of people and communities together with her creativity.

Molly Leishman's courses in Design for Social Innovation (DSI) are focused on finding opportunities to problem-solve psychological issues with well thought-out design.

“DSI is unlike any other in Wellington, or, really, New Zealand. It’s not just looking at graphics and visual content, but focusing on the wider picture of global issues, and creatively making solutions that translate easily to the world and our communities.”

“The University has given me great connections to industries and people from the field of Design. With guest lecturers coming into classes, and events held at the Te Aro campus, I've networked with a lot of professionals, and taken advice and inspiration from their work.”

“I’ve been encouraged to go beyond what I thought I could achieve. Design staff have guided me to explore my creative abilities. Each course has certainly had its challenges, but at the same time, allowed loads of creative freedom and ended up being very rewarding.”

“I feel hugely proud to be studying Design in Wellington! I’m constantly inspired by different art, music, theatre, fashion and loads of exciting things that make up the city. It’s definitely the perfect city to develop in as a designer.”