Carym Wharerau

Carym Wharerau hopes to use his degree in Communication Design to influence the design sector through a Māori/indigenous lens.

carym Wharera sat in front of mac in design. studio

“Since starting the Communication Design major I have had some really exciting assignments that have challenged the way I approach design, while also allowing me the opportunity to communicate messages and ideas through my own distinct lens.”

Before choosing Communication Design, Carym spent his first year exploring the different facets of design which gave him an idea of the path he was looking to pursue.

“Studying a Bachelor of Design Innovation gives me the opportunity to see which part of the design sector best suits my abilities and interests, while also giving me the flexibility to explore other things that interest me, such as business and marketing.”

He chose Victoria University of Wellington partly for its location in diverse, vibrant Wellington a city which, “keeps you constantly inspired to do and try out new things every day.”

“Not only does the School of Design offer great facilities and learning spaces, the campus as a whole has a great atmosphere and feels like the perfect place for me to explore my own design.

“The Communication Design major is perfect for those who like to have fun designing for a range of audiences and who are also looking to challenge design thinking.”