Jess Noone

For Jess, Wellington was the perfect place to explore her creative side and get amongst the city’s inspiring design scene.

Blury image showing a person jumping down stairs and capturing the movement

Exploring the City, for CCDN 331 Live Theory, by Jess Noone. From the harsh static buildings, it is the people within that bring it to life through colour and movement.

Jess Noone wasn’t sure what she wanted to specialise in so she looked for a degree that covered a broad range of subjects, and found the Bachelor of Design Innovation was for her.

“I really enjoyed the degree—so much of it is shaped by what you are interested in, and I was able to tailor it to my passions.”

Jess found the thought processes in design intriguing. “I enjoyed the deeper thinking behind design and how this can affect the world we live in.”

She was part of an award-winning group who designed a plate and bowl set around the idea that psychology principles can be used to trick the mind to reduce portion size.

In her final year, Jess undertook an internship to gain practical experience.

“Victoria University of Wellington made it possible for me to do the internship, by providing flexibility and support to work and study at the same time.”

Hailing from Tauranga, Jess found Wellington a perfect place to study.

“Wellington is a fantastic place to live as a design student. You get all the opportunities of a big city, with a small-town attitude. Many of the projects I completed involved getting into the city design scene and I was continuously challenged and inspired by the work around me.”

Jess is now a Brand Coordinator for a local start up and loves being part of this innovative community.