Sean Harris

Sean enjoyed how his Bachelor’s course allowed him to put his study into practice.

Collection of photos of Sean's BMW showroom design

Sean’s winning redesign of BMW's headquarters

A Bachelor of Design Innovation appealed to Sean as he could cover all his interests—Design, Art History and Film.

Hailing from Stratford, Taranaki, Sean loved his time at Victoria University of Wellington.

“Studying at the University went above and beyond my expectations. I had incredible teachers and mentors, made lifelong friends and got to study what I love. Wellington is the place to study—it has a way of drawing you in. There is something so special about it.”

The projects Sean completed during his studies won prizes and awards which gave him industry exposure as a designer. He was awarded the Gibson Group Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Culture+Context, and the Henry Hughes Award for Innovation and Excellence in Design.

Sean also won a student design competition with BMW New Zealand, a Victoria University of Wellington collaboration partner, in a 300-level design course. This required students to redesign BMW headquarters appropriately with their brand. Sean’s winning concept (pictured) was an audio-visual installation that evoked the ultimate driving experience within a showroom. As customers walked in they heard a car ignition, followed by a heartbeat pulse that led them around the car.

“The experience was so valuable because I was given the opportunity to put into practice what I had been studying before entering the workforce.”

To any student who is considering Design, Sean would recommend Victoria University of Wellington.