Jonathon Bishop

Jonathon's Master of Design Innovation thesis explored the way augmented reality can enrich our understanding of the world.

His work specifically addressed how technologies and methods might be advanced or employed to enrich the museum experience for millions of visitors seeking authentic and diverse historic and cultural experiences. Jonathon investigated ways to overcome the loss or diminished appreciation of the narratives and histories embedded in the artefacts, establishing a set of guidelines that could inform museum exhibition designers and curators of the ways augmented reality can broaden and enrich the experience of the museum space.

“Artefacts within museums have rich histories that are not always apparent. This is due to the way artefacts are currently displayed and the way information is communicated in exhibitions. My goal was to set out design guidelines to inform the development of augmenting museum experiences.”

Jonathon also founded the University’s virtual reality club, Looking Glass. The club offers support and opportunities for students who are interested in virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality, as well as creating a network of students to share knowledge and expertise. A graduate showcase exhibition aimed at local industries provided a chance for students to get their work in front of professionals.

In March 2018, Jonathon began the role of community manager of the AR/VR Garage in Auckland, managing it on behalf of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development within Auckland City Council.

“It’s a collaborative augmented and virtual reality facility in Auckland, designed to facilitate, grow and promote companies with the virtual and augmented reality sector. The AR/VR Garage hosts a number of tenant and associate companies that I deal with directly. However, my role is to promote AR/VR technology within Auckland City and I am passionate about building a thriving AR/VR community.

“There are many possible applications for augmented reality technologies that still need to be researched. Nevertheless, the work that has already been accomplished has led to a revolutionary use of this technology that previously could only be dreamt of in science fiction stories.

“Augmented reality is a powerful tool.”

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A working prototype of an augmented-reality-powered museum exhibit for Jonathon Bishop’s Master in Design Innovation thesis.