Jwen Yap

Jwen Yap, originally from Malaysia, moved from Queenstown to Wellington to study Master of User Experience Design.

Portrait of Jwen Yap

“I chose the Master of User Experience Design programme because it was designed in collaboration with industry partners. I was thrilled at the opportunity to work on meaningful real-world projects and excited to engage with thought-leaders through guest lectures and mentorship opportunities.

“I got to work with clients such as Trade Me and The Clinician, which was such a valuable experience.”

Accessible and inclusive design excited Jwen the most in MUXD.

“As I had experience in user interface design, I was interested in the critical thinking and research aspect of UX, which the course delivered beyond my expectations.

“This course has instilled a strong importance to design for all in mind. That includes taking into consideration and advocating for accessible, inclusive, and ethical design practices. I was excited about this because by caring and championing for people, by bringing them along with us in the process, only then can we truly make a positive difference.”

The practical nature of the course helped Jwen to build a portfolio of case studies that could be further used in job seeking.

“The course coordinators equipped us with the necessary skills and know-how to get a job – that included prepping us on how to write case studies, scheduling portfolio reviews and assigning us to work with industry partners on group projects. They even prompted us to reflect on the kind of designer we wanted to be, which involved discovering our values and what we wanted to specialise in. All of that was wonderful in terms of helping to find a job that was the right fit for us.”

After graduating Jwen worked as a freelancer and then landed a job as a Junior product designer at Sharesies which is a wealth development platform with the purpose of creating financial empowerment for everyone.

“I work in a multi-disciplinary team that includes designers and developers, leveraging the skills I learned in my master’s to solve problems and communicate with stakeholders.

“There’s still a lot that I need to learn, but I can say that the Master of User Experience Design has given me a strong foundation that allows me to contribute to my team and Sharesies’ vision.”