Madelena Manetto Quick

More-Than-Human Worlding: Analysis and Exploration of Farm Animal Sanctuaries, World-Building and Speculative Design.

Farm animal sanctuaries are spaces in which formerly farmed animals are housed and taken under the sanctuaries’ care. Madi’s research focuses on the shared worlds between the human and nonhuman inhabitants of farm animal sanctuaries.

Madi engages with ethnographic inquiry and narrative design research to understand the farm animal sanctuary movement. She conducts interviews, fieldwork and visual design methods to situate her knowledge of farm animal sanctuaries within the Aotearoa context.

A reading of fantasy and speculative fiction provides insight and inspiration into the different ways we can be in the world with the nonhuman ‘other’. The PhD research explores speculative narrative about the worlds we share with nonhuman animals to not just understand multispecies relations but to also imagine new or alternative ones.


Dylan Horrocks, School of Design Innovation

Academic Qualifications

Master of Design Innovation
Bachelor of Design Innovation

Academic Awards

2011 Victoria Excellence Scholarship
2016 Empathy Design Award for Achievement in Design Research in the Master's of Design Innovation 
2019 Wellington Doctoral Scholarship
2022 Wellington Doctoral Submission Scholarship