Christina Mackay

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Adjunct Research Fellow Wellington School of Architecture

Research interests

Sun-shading for UVR protection and skin cancer prevention, past and future interior joinery systems, re-generation of NZ heritage housing.


BArch Auck, MBA Vic, FNZIA, Registered Architect

Research interests

My current research interests include understanding and designing built environment for protection against UV over-exposure and dynamics of building alteration.

Current research projects

Investigation into 16 case studies of house alterations (1890-1914) in timber villas in Wellington, New Zealand. This research was funded by Victoria University of Wellington, BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) and the Government funded Summer Research Scholarship scheme. Findings are presently being edited and analysed for publication.

Selected publications

Mackay, C. (2010). Kitchen Remodelling in New Zealand – Issues of sustainability. Proceedings of SB10: New Zealand Sustainable Building Conference – Innovation and Transformation, 26 -28 May 2010. Te Papa. Stream 1C, 1425 – 1455. Wellington, New Zealand. SB10 Innovation and Transformation website (once at this site, click Stream 1c, then search Christina Mackay).

Mackay, C. (2009). Licensing Control - The role of liquor licensing in the changing occupation of a New Zealand Hotel. Conference presentation to Occupations: Negotiations with Constructed Space. University of Brighton. 2 – 4 July 2009. Brighton, United Kingdom. (under publication).

Mackay, C. (2009). Environmental Shade for Protection from UVR: A Design & Teaching Resource. Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA). 22-24 June 2009. (pp 314-319). Quebec City, Canada.

Mackay, C. (2007). ‘Three cheers’ Otaki - the changing building fabric of 1890's hotels. One day Symposium: "strident effects of instant sophistication": New Zealand Architecture in the 1890s. Ins by McCarthy, C. (Eds). Faculty of Architecture and Design, Victoria University of Wellington. (pp. 46-51). Wellington, New Zealand.

Mackay, C. (2006). Towards a safe sun-bathing canopy. The 23rd Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, 6-8 September 2006. (pp. 581-586). Geneva, Switzerland.

Mackay, C. (2006). Design of UV Protective Spaces – a review of (VUW) research (2003 – 2006), UV radiation and its effects – an update 2006. Report of the NIWA UV Workshop. Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum. 19-21 April 2006. RSNZ Miscellaneous series 68. The Royal Society of New Zealand. (pp 58-59). Dunedin, New Zealand.

Mackay, C A. (2005). Living outside in the sun - a historical review of New Zealand outdoor living spaces. Inside-Outside symposium, IDEA. (pp. 117-126).

Gies, P., & Mackay, C A. (2004). Measurements of solar UVR protection provided by shade structures in New Zealand primary schools. Photochemistry and Photobiology, 80. (pp. 334-339).

Mackay, C. (2003). Designing safe & comfortable outdoor living spaces. Proceedings of 20th International Conference. Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. (pp. 321-325). Santiago, Chile.

Mackay, C A. (2003). Sunshade Design in New Zealand Primary Schools. Passive Low Energy Architecture - Proceedings of 20th International Conference, November 2003. Ins by Bustamante, W. & Collados, E. (Eds). Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. A-18. (pp. 143-150). Santiago, Chile.

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