Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to commonly asked questions about the School of Economics and Finance.

1. Where can I get the tickets for travel between campuses?

Student inter-campus ten-trip bus tickets were discontinued in November 2011 and have been replaced with Snapper Cards. Students will need to provide their own Snapper Card, however VUWSA will set up the card with the special university "Pass" and load 10 trips at a time onto the Pass. Eligibility for the cards and the frequency of top-ups will be on the same criteria as present. Snapper cards will be able to be topped up from the VUWSA offices at Kelburn or Pipitea. Visit their website for further details. The tickets are for those students with timetabled classes at both Kelburn and Rutherford House.

2. What will the trimester dates be for next and/or future years?

Please refer to: Dates and Deadlines.

3. The academic I am looking for is not in their office – do you know when they will be back?

If you would like to meet with one of academic staff members, it is courtesy to make an appointment via email or telephone prior to turning up. The benefit of making an appointment provides you with a mutually convenient time to focus on your query.

4. I am thinking of doing some Postgraduate study – who can I talk to for advice?

Dr Paul Calcott is the Postgraduate Coordinator and can assist with providing advice on the suitability of our Postgraduate courses for your requirements.

5. Do you offer any courses extramurally?

No we don't, however the Master of Applied Finance Programme and Master of Professional Economics Programme offers some study via block release courses to better accommodate students who find it difficult to attend classes in person for a whole trimester.

6. Can you tell me my tutor's email address / contact details? I want to ask them a question.

We are not able to provide the personal contact details of our tutors. If you require assistance and can't wait until your next lecture or tutorial session, please check your course outline for appropriate contacts.

7. Can I get an academic transcript for a job interview?

Academic transcripts are not provided by the School of Economics and Finance. Please visit the Faculty of Commerce for further information.

If you have any other questions, please email us at address