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Kate Prickett stands by the shore with Wellington in the background.

Family matters

We may not be able to choose our families, but Dr Kate Prickett has chosen to study everything about them.

Hongzhi Gao

Supporting New Zealand exporters

Associate Professor Hongzhi Gao is engaged in research that seeks to help New Zealand exporters weather trade wars and other political disruptions to trade.

Dr Jesse Pirini

Developing people capability in Māori organisations

Dr Jesse Pirini’s distinctive research explores the role that iwi and hapū based organisations can play in their communities—particularly in people development.

Associate Professor Michael Macaulay, School of Government

Fast rise through the ranks of ethics research

Micheal Macaulay's research in public administration has a focus on ethics and has included an investigation into culture change in the New Zealand Police.

Professor Norman Gemmell, Chair in Public Finance

Examining tax behaviour

Award-winning economist Norman Gemmell’s research aims to create tools to analyse and predict how people will respond to tax and welfare changes.

Professor Ilan Noy, Chair in the Economics of Disasters, School of Economics and Finance

Building our resilience

Ilan Noy, thought to be the world’s first professorial Chair in the Economics of Disasters, examines lessons from events such as the Christchurch earthquakes.

Associate Professor Karl Löfgren

Analysing the analysts

Karl Löfgren has been examining how policy analysts work, and delving into public sector autonomy.

Christian Schott

Taking armchair travel to new heights

Dr Christian Schott is experimenting with technology that enables students to travel without leaving the comforts of home.

Susan Corbett

Providing a voice on copyright issues

The voice of the Asia–Pacific region on copyright issues is growing thanks to the efforts of Associate Professor Susan Corbett.

Kim Fam

Tapping into the Muslim market

With the number of Muslims worldwide growing to more than one billion, marketers are clamouring to tap into this potentially lucrative market.

Dr Sally Riad

Exploring leadership through Cleopatra

Sally Riad often uses ancient Egypt as a way to examine management issues.