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There has recently been discussion in public forums about the work of the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS) and its staff, both past and present. The University affirms that the directors and staff of the IGPS are valued members of staff who have carried out high-quality research and contributed to the University’s critic and conscience role during their respective terms of office. The University notes that the work of the IGPS has been governed by a Charter and overseen by an independent advisory board. An independent review of the IGPS concluded that its activities and outputs were consistent with its Charter.

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A profile image of Amanda Reilly, with a grey background.

“You don’t own me”—Protecting workers’ right to a private life

Dr Amanda Reilly's research highlights the current gaps and challenges in protecting employees' privacy.

Jessica Lai stands beside an animation of honeycombs, bees and flowers.

Supporting Mātauranga Māori

Associate Professor Jessica Lai’s research is focused on seeing changes to intellectual property law that protect and support Mātauranga Māori.

A profile image of Dr Jesse Pirini.

Developing people capability in Māori organisations

Dr Jesse Pirini’s distinctive research explores the role that iwi and hapū based organisations can play in their communities—particularly in people development.

Associate Professor Markus Luczak-Roesch.

Discerning patterns in supposed chaos

Associate Professor Markus Luczak-Roesch is leading a team that aims to understand and predict random events that occur within complex systems.

Professor Stephen Cummings giving a presentation.

Busting management myths

Professor Stephen Cummings’ research explores the barriers to innovation that ingrained management practices create, and how to overcome them.

Dr Luke Chu

Applying an economic lens to cannabis laws

Dr Luke Chu’s research brings an economic perspective to the impact of cannabis laws.

Associate Professor Jonathan Barrett

Creating a fairer society

Associate Professor Jonathan Barrett’s research seeks to bring a human rights perspective to tax policy.

Associate Professor Mary Tate

Ensuring technology benefits all

Associate Professor Mary Tate’s research is focussed on making sure that technology creates benefits that are share equally across society.

Dr Yi-Te Chiu

The future of AI in business

Dr Yi-Te Chiu’s research is focused on the growing adoption of artificial intelligence by organisations and the impact it has on them and their employees.

Dr Justin Nguyen

Examining the effects of global challenges on business

Dr Justin Nguyen’s research seeks to examine the effects of global challenges such as climate change and political uncertainty on business and government.

Dr Maja Krtalić

Preserving our cultural heritage

Dr Maja Krtalić, a Senior Lecturer in Information Studies, is working to ensure our cultural heritage isn’t lost.

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