Employer experience: Paul McTaggart, Techtonics

Paul Mc Taggart and James Tunley stand in front of a Techtonics sign.

Techtonics has had a relationship with the Wellington School of Business and Government (WSBG) for some time, so when we began developing a graduate programme it was natural that we would work with WSBG to find good talent.

James Tunley is the first graduate to start with Techtonics and it has been great to have the freshness and energy that comes with someone that is starting out in their career. Employing a graduate who is also studying towards a Master’s degree is a win-win for James and Techtonics.

It is our hope that James’s Master’s study will align to the content services side of our business. We have a planned introduction for James into the business, with a 12-month set of actions and activities to grow him into the working environment and develop his business acumen. Our ability to make this happen has been a direct result of the personal relationships that have developed between Techtonics and WSBG.

I would recommend other companies reach out and discuss how they can work in partnership with WSBG to acquire talent, as well as support student development.