PhD programmes

Victoria University of Wellington is the number one research institution in New Zealand—there’s no better place to gain your PhD.

Studying for a Doctor of Philosophy

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree represents the high point of academic achievement. It involves original and sustained research under academic supervision, and demands considerable intellectual ability, academic rigour, self-discipline, and dedication.

A PhD normally follows a Master's or Honours degree, or extensive relevant experience.

Key benefits of the PhD programme

PhD study offers many benefits including:

  • the opportunity to make a significant contribution to both scholarship and practice
  • the rewards of pursuing a topic of deep personal interest to you, building on prior education and experience through an individualised course of study
  • the development of skills in research, analysis, theorising, methodology, and communication
  • the opportunity to develop valuable networks with Wellington School of Business and Government’s interdisciplinary academic members and your fellow PhD candidates.

Application deadlines

There are three application deadlines—1 March, 1 July, and 1 November each year.

To be considered, applications must be completed online and before the deadline.

More information

For any enquiries about PhD admission and enrolment, email