Aa–Zz : a typographic installation [analogue/digital/object]

Aa–Zz : a typographic installation [analogue/digital/object] is a project by third-year Communication Design students.

Aa–Zz : a typographic installation [analogue/digital/object]

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Event type: Exhibitions and Performances

16-28 Sep 2020 16 Sep 2020 28 Sep 2020

The Atrium, Te Aro Campus

Issued as 26 letters of the Latin alphabet in uppercase and lowercase, these singular works are the outcomes of research and examination into the letterform in relation to its graphic, spatial and contextual qualities, whether historic, contemporary, social, cultural, political or, any other point of interest. Constructed collectively in three groups, the installation itself is a large-scale composition of letterforms, with each group occupying a segment of the Atrium space, as redefined in plan. Consideration is given to the placement and interactive relationships between each of the works across three media categories [analogue/digital/object]. In doing so, Aa–Zz, with the project’s anomalies, offers myriad ways of seeing type as graphic: type as language.

Aa-Zz : a typographic installation / poster: Molly Snowden
Aa-Zz : a typographic installation / poster: Zara Olifent
Aa-Zz : a typographic installation / poster: Lucy Squires
Aa-Zz : a typographic installation / poster: Hamish Besley

Kindly note: In case we are in Covid-19 Alert Level 2 or higher the campus is unfortunately not open for general public for safety reasons. Thank you for your understanding!


Catherine Griffiths, Lecturer in Communication Design