Tutoring in the School of Marketing and International Business

Information about applying to become a tutor in Marketing and International Business.

Tutors are an integral part of course delivery and provide a fundamental and supportive link between lecturers and students.

The undergraduate programme in Marketing and International Business is built around an extensive tutorial programme for 100-, 200- and 300-level courses.

We invite applications from 200 to 300-level students, postgraduate students, and BCom graduates with either a Marketing or International Business Major (or equivalent), preferably with experience of SMIB courses and the University environment.

Benefits of becoming a tutor

Our SMIB tutors are highly valued and work closely with the undergraduate support team (tutor manager, senior tutor and course administrators) to provide excellent support to our students.

  • Tutors develop key skills such as time management, giving effective feedback, and communicating ideas in front of student groups.
  • Tutors are provided with training and development opportunities that will enhance their leadership qualities, and build on their presentation skills and confidence.
  • Tutors start their career life with SMIB, and develop skills that are highly valued by employers and the workforce.
  • Tutors are provided with opportunities to meet other tutors and be part of an academic community.

How to apply

The 2023 Trimester 1 application round has closed. Please keep an eye out for the next application round. If you have any questions regarding tutoring, please contact Naga Krishnan.

Senior Administrator, Undergraduate Programme · Tutor Manager
School of Marketing and International Business

Contact me if you have any questions or for more information.