Governing for the future

As a capital city university, Victoria University of Wellington advances better government by aiding interaction between world-class scholars, dynamic business communities and government agencies.


Professor Mark Hickford explains our unique ability to offer insight on important issues like constitutional reform and improving citizen participation in our democracy.

Advancing better government

We have strong relationships with the public sector, business and the diplomatic community, while retaining the independence to engage critically in a non-partisan way.

Victoria University of Wellington’s commitment to advancing better government positions it to be the pre-eminent centre for expertise, insight and engagement in the legislative and regulatory systems to protect the interests of the future.

Our expertise is world-class and multidisciplinary, and is drawn from many areas in the University—across research, teaching and engagement.

Te Kawau Mārō—Advancing Better Government

This refers to a military tactic where a war party advances in a particular way. It is also used to describe an advocate or promoter. This dual meaning symbolises the role of government in advocating for the people but also the politics and interactions of groups.

Professor Yvette Tinsley at the Law School

The verdict on jury reforms

If, in the past 15 years, you have sat on a New Zealand jury for a criminal trial and appreciated the judge’s guidance about how to reach your verdict, Associate Professor Yvette Tinsley is one of the people you can thank.

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Parliamentary insights for the University interns

Numerous students have seen the inner workings of Parliament over the years thanks to the Victoria University of Wellington’s Parliamentary Internship Programme.

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Elliot Isaacs, Sarah Pereira, and Stephanie Taylor.

Featured researchers

Wellington aerial

Our research

Our world-class scholars combine expertise across a diverse range of disciplines to explore how government can best function to improve the lives of citizens.

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Centres, institutes and chairs

The multidisciplinary research centres, institutes and chairs at the University provide a platform for our world leading researchers to collaborate and focus on significant research challenges related to Advancing Better Government.

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