Innovation is at the heart of Wellington School of Business and Government. We encourage research into innovation and entrepreneurship, lead the way in innovative and interactive teaching and learning, and support student enterprise.

From our base in the heart of Wellington, we work with our community partners to foster entrepreneurial ideas and talent in our capital city and beyond.

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  • Conor and Benji from Techne

    Improving Kiwis' digital literacy

    A random chat about technology earlier this year led friends Benji Pritchard and Conor Doherty-Craig to create Techne, an online platform that teaches Kiwis how to code.

  • Michaela Hing

    The benefits of studying entrepreneurship

    Student Michaela Hing wasn’t quite sure what she’d get out of her entrepreneurship course. In this blog, Michaela shares what she learnt and how the lessons go beyond just business skills.