Past SoM seminars

School of Management seminar series


2 Dec. Dr Fiona Whitehurst, Senior Lecturer in Management and Director of Impact, Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. "Stimulating learning in micro-business owners through introducing external perspectives: The Captured Programme"

27 Nov. Dr Stephen Dann, Senior Lecturer, Marketing, Research School of Management, ANU College of Business & Economics, Australia. Certified Lego® Serious Play™ Facilitator: Serious Play, Serious Application: Building on the use of Lego Serious Play in teaching, learning and research

22 Nov. Bo Villumsen, Visiting PhD student, University of Southern Denmark. Voluntary sports clubs in collaboration with the tourism sector: Beneficial or a dead end?

4 Nov. Professor Sarah Robinson & Dr Ron Kerr, Glasgow University University & University of Edinburgh "‘Enoch Powell as prophet of Brexit: Towards an interdiscursive analysis of leadership and populism’"

8 Oct. Dr Mark Long, Principal Advisor for People, Capability, and Leadership at Fire and Emergency New Zealand. Leadership, Perceptions, and Voluntary Turnover

24 Sept. Dr Valentina Dinica, Associate Professor, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington. CSR 2.0 - do tourism businesses promote sustainability through policy design? 

10 Sept. Dr Bronwyn Howell, Senior lecturer, Management, Victoria University of Wellington. Open-Source or Open-Slather? Insights into Blockchain and Distributed Ledger System Governance

3 Sept. Dr Alfio Leotta, Senior Lecturer, School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies, Victoria University of Wellington. “This isn’t a movie… it’s a tourism ad for Australia”: The Dundee Campaign and the Semiotics of Audiovisual Tourism Promotion

26 July, Dr Patricia Hewlin, Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour, McGill University, Quebec, Canada. Being Your True Self at Work: Integrating the Fragmented Research on Authenticity in Organizations

18 July, Henok Alemneh, Masters student, Tourism and Development from University of Winnepeg, Canada. Tourism Industry Engagement, with Indigenous Peoples as Rights-Holders 

9 July, Karen Fifield, CEO Wellington Zoo. What will a zoo look like in 2119?

15 May, Asst Professor Carrie Oeldberger, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, USA. A Dream Deferred? How People with Family Aspirations Experience and Navigate Career Decision-Making

10 May, Dr Tyron Love, Associate Dean Māori and Senior Lecturer in Management,  University of Canterbury Business School. Indigenous Organization Studies

3 May, A/Prof Ian Yeoman, Victoria University of Wellington. Overtourism: Finding the answers?

12 Mar. Dr Sabrina Schneider, Universität Kassel · Institute of Business, Germany. The Relationship between Resource Dependence and Power in Business Ecosystems: A Design Science Approach.

15 Mar. A/Prof Sylvain Petit, Université de la Polynésie Française, Papeete, French Polynesia. Measuring the effect of Revealed Cultural Preferences on Tourism Exports

27 Feb. Prof Emma Bell, “Reading the TED talk genre: contradictions and pedagogical pleasures in spreading ideas about Management.”

22 Feb. Prof. Kathy Lund Dean, Gustavus Adolphus College, USA. What could go wrong? Ethical challenges in experiential teaching and learning.

Other past seminars

  • Past Centre for Employment, Labour and Work (CLEW) seminars are available on the CLEW pages.

2016 - 2018

2018, 18 Dec. Prof. Dr. Henning Breuer, HMKW & UXBerlin, Germany. Innovating by What We Care About: Values-Based Innovation Management and new business models for sustainable development

2018, 26 Nov. A/Prof Nurat Zeidman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. The Embodiment of New Age Spirituality into Western Organizations – Qualitative Meta-Analysis and Gender-Based Critique

2018, 16 Nov. Prof Torkild Thanem, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University, Sweden. "Become the best version of yourself!" Corporate performance culture in a Swedish sportswear company.

2018, 21 May. Dr Sally Riad, Victoria University of Wellington. Leadership, symbols and iconoclasm

2018, 19 March. Olenda Johnson, Professor of Strategic Leadership & Leader Development, U.S. Naval War College, Newport. Developing Senior Military Leaders for the Complex Global Security Environment.

2018, 7 March. Dr Christian Schott & Dr Todd Bridgman, Victoria University of Wellington. Unconference Education research workshop.

2018, 26 Feb. Dr Todd Bridgman, Victoria University of Wellington. Why we need new histories of management.

2018, 1 Feb. Prof Jose Julio Gonzalez, Centre for Integrated Emergency Management, University of Agder, Norway, Insights from a Simulation Model of Disaster Response.

2017, 22 Nov: Jessie Pirini, Post-Doctoral Fellow, School of Communication Studies, AUT. Video conferencing and teamwork: What can multimodal discourse analysis tell us?

2017, 20 Oct: Ben Walker, UNSW Business School, Sydney, Australia. When Performance Gets Personal: Towards a Theory of Performance-Based Identity.

2016, 18 Aug: Professor Barbara Simpson, Strathclyde Business School. Leadership-as-Practice: Theoretical and methodological conundrums.