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  • Working from home - who pays?

    COVID-19 lockdowns have forced millions of office workers to transition to working from home. Kitchen tables and spare bedrooms have been commandeered as make-shift home offices and reliable home internet has become a necessity as usage of Zoom and similar products has soared.

  • Screen Industry Workers Bill 2020 - a welcome addition to employment law?

    At the time of writing this comment the Screen Industry Workers Bill (SIWB) had been reported back to Parliament by the Education and Workforce Select Committee and was awaiting a second reading. Given that Parliament is dissolved on the 6th September ahead of the October 17 election, it seems unlikely that the Bill will become law before next year. It would, however, be preferable that the Bill was left to vanish by any new government. If the Bill was to be enacted it would set both an unwelcome and an undesirable precedent for New Zealand labour law.

  • COVID-19 and employee surveillance

    Anyone familiar with George Orwell’s novel 1984 will relate to the menace of Big Brother watching their every keystroke and mouse click. . It seems for a growing share of the workforce, however, that dystopian reality has arrived. Nonetheless, what might have been said to be little more than a management fad looks to have blossomed into a full-fledged trend, doing so while most of us hunkering down in our ‘bubbles’.