The Centre for Labour, Employment, and Work (CLEW) has been a trusted information source for employment relations practitioners, unions, and policy makers since 1970.

CLEW is the leading research organisation in New Zealand on collective bargaining and union membership, providing a forum for research into employment relations, human resource management, labour markets, and workplace issues

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  • Legal Update: Courier drivers - contractors or employees?

    Gordon Anderson, Professor of Law, Victoria University of Wellington reviews a recent decision of the Employment Court which addressed the issue of when workers are contractors and when are they employees, with all the protections of employment law.

  • Union Membership in New Zealand shows further growth

    The most recent survey from the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work was completed late in 2019 for the year to December 2018 and the results show that the declining union membership of the last ten years has been reversed for the second year on end. This summary of the key findings are released ahead of the full report which is expected by mid-June.