Postgraduate study at SOM

A range of postgraduate study options are offered by the School of Management, including diplomas, certificates, Honours, Master’s, and PhD programmes.


Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

Take your knowledge and understanding of the central concepts of human resource management and employment relations to the next level.

Tourism Management

Studying Tourism Management at Victoria University of Wellington will help you on your journey towards a senior role in this exciting, diverse and growing industry.


Build on your management knowledge and skills and gain a deeper insight into the latest management theories and research.



BCom (Hons) in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

The BCom(Hons) in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations will provide you with the ability to demonstrate an understanding of the central concepts of human resource management (HRM) and employment relations (ER).

BCom (Hons) in Management

The BCom(Hons) in Management will equip you to directly access the latest national and international theory and research on management practice. Although it is written by and for academics, the international literature flows through to powerfully shape the way in which the management role is perceived by managers and consultants.

BTM (Hons) Tourism Management

The Bachelor of Tourism Management(Hons) programme offers a unique opportunity to undertake post-graduate study in Tourism Management. The programme is distinctive in its design, integrating practical and theoretical learning combined with the strengths of the Faculty of Commerce and Administration to give you the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving tourism environment. Students may be admitted into the BTM(Hons) programme on completion of the BTM or with an equivalent background. The BTM(Hons) is normally a one-year full-time degree.

Graduate qualifications

Graduate Diploma in Commerce

The Graduate Diploma in Commerce (GDipCom) is offered in the School of Management in Human Resources and Employment Relations, Management and Tourism. It is a flexible qualification designed for commerce graduates who want to move into a new area of specialisation, and for graduates in other disciplines who want to gain a commerce qualification from the equivalent of one year of further study. The GradDipCom is a one-year full-time (or up to three years part-time) programme open to graduates, though students near the end of their degree may take some papers towards their diploma as long as they complete the degree before formally entering the diploma.

Graduate Certificate in Commerce

The Graduate Certificate in Commerce (GCertCom) is offered in the School of Management in Human Resources and Employment Relations, Management and Tourism. It is equivalent to one trimester of full-time study for students who already have an undergraduate degree. The courses selected for the Certificate must total at least 60 points at 200-level or above, including at least 40 points at 300-level or above. A specialisation will be awarded if the courses all come from a particular commerce subject area.


Executive Master of Business Administration—EMBA

The Executive MBA teaches leadership skills and strengthens your analytical rigour and strategic acumen. This 180-point programme can be taken intensively in around one and a half years or part time in two to four years.

Master of Business (Professional)—MBus(Prof)

Those taking the Master of Business (Professional) develop the ability to think critically about today's business and policy challenges. Students can choose up to two areas of specialisation and tailor the degree to fit their career aspirations.

Master of Commerce—MCom

The School of Management offers Master's-level study for the Master of Commerce (MCom) degree in Management or Human Resource Management & Employment Relations.

Master of Global Business—MGBus

The 180-point Master of Global Business (MGBus) allows students to pursue postgraduate study in a variety of disciplines offered by Wellington School of Business and Government. Specialisations include:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • e-Government
  • Government
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Public Policy
  • Tourism Management

Master of Tourism Management—MTM

The Master of Tourism Management (MTM) is a two-year degree that allows students to build on their undergraduate study while researching the dynamic and evolving world of tourism.

Other postgraduate qualifications

Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce

The Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce will let you get ahead in your career and build your expertise by gaining advanced knowledge in a specialised area of business.

Postgraduate Certificate in Commerce

The Postgraduate Certificate in Commerce will help you boost your career by filling gaps in your business knowledge or upskilling in a particular subject area.

PhD programme

The PhD is the highest degree offered by the School of Management. It is completed by thesis only and is restricted to areas where appropriate supervision is available.