PhD completions

Find the full list of completed PhD theses in the School of Management.

School of Management PhD completions and subject areas. The names with an asterisks* received the Dean's Doctoral Award.

All recent theses are available online via the Victoria University of Wellington library.

PhDs completed in 2023

Abeer Youssef
Management of Risks to Egypt’s Water Supply due to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: A Multi-Perspective Study Using a Multi-Framing Approach
Supervisors: Dr Vicky Mabin, Dr Bronwyn Howell

PhDs completed in 2022

Amirhossein Mostofi
Select issues in designing license contracts of strategic alliances in the pharmaceutical supply chain.
Supervisors: Vipul Jain, Yi  Mei

Richard Logan
Management blindness leading to black swan events: An analysis of decision-making styles of key decision-makers in the Pike River coal mining disaster
Supervisors: Ian Yeoman, Bob Cavana, Bronwyn Howell

PhDs completed in 2021

Andrea Clark
Dealing With Pluralism And Marginalisation Processes In Multi-Organisational Collaboration: Augmenting The Viable System Model With Team Syntegrity
Supervisors: John Brocklesby, Arun Elias

Zheng Duan
The work stress of Chinese senior executives: Work stressors and coping strategies
Supervisors: Jane Bryson, Noelle Donnelly

Edward Johnson
Understanding the nature, structure and relationships that make up the gold mining industry in Ghana: A multi-framing, multi-level exploration
Supervisors: Vicky Mabin, John Davies, Geoff Plimmer

Dedy Eryanto, MGMT
Integrity Management in the Indonesian Supreme audit Institution
Supervisors: Karin Lasthuizen, Tony van Zijl

Avigail Maggeni, MGMT
Affective Leadership Practices: A Framework for Studying Affect and Leadership from a Schatzkian Practice Approach
Supervisors: Todd Bridgman, Deborah Jones

Van Thi La, MGMT
The evolving appreciation of projects - a study of stakeholder dynamics
Supervisors: Arun Elias, John Brocklesby

PhDs completed in 2020

Rebecca Downes, MGMT
Remote Control: Organisational Control and Monitoring in Distributed Teams
Supervisors: Urs Daellenbach, Noelle Donnelly

Dominik Mann, MGMT
Strategic Business Model Development in Ecosystems
Supervisors: Sally Davenport, Urs Daellenbach

Alan Mayo, MGMT
How Does Business Strategy Treat Cognition?
Supervisors: Stephen Cummings, Sally Davenport

Solmaz Nazari Orakani, TOUR
From constraints to participation: A study in the behaviour of New Zealand travellers with mobility impairments
Supervisors: Karen Smith, Adam Weaver, Hilary Stace

Ellen Yarrow, HRIR
Exploring the working relationship between professional contractors and permanent employees through organisational socialisation and the psychological contract
Supervisors: Jane Bryson, Christian Yao

PhDs completed in 2019

Andrea Dickens, MGMT
Do firms develop dynamic capabilities differently? The case of professional services firms in New Zealand
Supervisors: Stephen Cummings, Urs Daellenbach

Esme Franken, HRIR
Building people up: Leadership and employee resilience
Supervisors: Geoff Plimmer, Sanna Malinen, Jane Bryson

Geoff Harrison, MGMT
Business accelerators as learning environments: a mixed methods investigation
Supervisors: Jim Sheffield, Geoff Plimmer

Jharna Joshi, TOUR
Landscape aesthetics, tourism and change: Case studies in Nepal
Supervisors: Karen Smith, Eerang Park

Tinat Nhep, TOUR
Climate change and adaptation in a coastal hotel sector: The case of Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Supervisors: Christian Schott, Mondher Sahli

Christopher Peace, MGMT
The effectiveness of risk assessment in informing decision makers
Supervisors: Vicky Mabin, Carolyn Cordery

Tai Anh Vu, HRIR
Managing employee performance in transition economies: A study of Vietnamese public organisations
Supervisors: Geoff Plimmer, Evan Berman

PhDs completed in 2018

Hongxia Qi, TOUR
Student volunteering at business events in China: Motivations and conceptualization
Supervisors: Karen Smith, Ian Yeoman

Ruth Weatherall, MGMT
I am undone by these women: Identity and change in a feminist domestic violence organisation
Supervisors: Deborah Jones, Todd Bridgman

PhDs completed in 2017

Muhamad Bahri, MGMT
Integrating Statistical and System Dynamics Modelling to Analyse the Impacts of Climate Change on Rice Production in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Supervisors: Bob Cavana, Lawrie Corbett, James Renwick

Sandra Goh, TOUR
Event Travel Careers of Singaporean Artists and Producers: An Arts-Informed Life History Approach
Supervisors: Karen Smith, Ian Yeoman

PhDs completed in 2016

Simon Collins, MGMT
Strategising for resilience
Supervisors: Sally Davenport, Urs Daellenbach

Jenny Douché, MGMT
An affordance lens on the influence of incubators on firms' strategy development
Supervisors: Urs Daellenbach, Sally Davenport

Tuan Ngoc Le, TOUR
Tourism Distribution in a Transitional Economy: Hotel Ownership and Distribution Channels in Vietnam
Supervisors: Karen Smith, Douglas Pearce

Maryam Mirzaei, MGMT
Exploring the applicability of the Theory of Constraints to projects - Critical Chain Project Management and beyond
Supervisors: Vicky Mabin, Jim Sheffield

Parley Reynolds, HRIR
Democratic member control in Chinese Cooperatives: A study of the Gung Ho Movement
Supervisors: Stephen Blumenfeld, Deborah Jones

David Ware, MGMT
Great Expectations: What Shareholders and Directors expect from New Zealand Public Company Boards
Supervisors: Urs Daellenbach, Sally Riad

PhDs completed in 2015

Arthur Ahimbisibwe, MGMT
Critical Success Factors for Software Development Projects: A Structural Equation Modelling Analysis of Traditional Plan-Based and Agile Methodologies
Supervisors: Bob Cavana, Urs Daellenbach

Mary Ashby*, MGMT
Exploring the paradoxes of addressing sustainability in commercial research
Supervisors: Sally Riad, Sally Davenport

Sarah Kimani, MGMT
Exploring Quality of Learning and Teaching Experiences in Higher Education using the Theory of Constraints: Kenya and New Zealand
Supervisors: Vicky Mabin, John Davies

Argelia Munoz Larroa*, MGMT
Sustainability in the Film Industry: External and Internal dynamics shaping the Wellington Film District
Supervisors: Deborah Jones, Geoff Stahl

Huong Thi Thanh Nguyen, HRIR
Privileged yet marginalised: The career experiences of Asian immigrant academics in New Zealand
Supervisors: Noelle Donnelly,Deborah Jones, Sarah Proctor-Thomson

Mele Paea*, MGMT
Tauhi Vā Māfana: Tongan leadership and culture in the New Zealand Public Service
Supervisors: Deborah Jones, Todd Bridgman, Sarah Proctor-Thomson

Garoon Pongsart, MGMT
Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Appreciative Inquiry (AI): A comparative study of their effectiveness in improving Master's thesis students' performance
Supervisors: Vicky Mabin, Deborah Laurs

PhDs completed in 2014

Robert Capistrano, TOUR
Host-Guest Interactions: First-generation Filipino immigrants in New Zealand and their visiting friends and relatives (VFR) from the Philippines
Supervisors: Adam Weaver, Doug Pearce

Maree Foley*, HRIR
Hidden in Plain Sight: Manager-Employee Social Engagement Strategies
Supervisors: Jane Bryson, Geoff Plimmer

Ina Reichenberger, TOUR
Social Interactions between International Visitors in New Zealand: Contacts, Processes and Impacts
Supervisors: Doug Pearce, Christian Schott

PhDs completed in 2013

Cesar Guala Catalan, TOUR
Institutional Change Processes in National Tourism Administrations: The Case of Servicio Nacional De Turismo, Chile
Supervisors: Doug Pearce, Julia Albrecht

David Rees, MGMT
Understanding the impact of context on design and implementation of long-term condition Management Programs: a Systems Dynamics Approach
Supervisors: Bob Cavana, Jackie Cummings

Suze Wilson*, MGMT
Thinking differently about leadership: a critical history of the form and formation of leadership
Supervisors: Stephen Cummings, Sarah Proctor-Thomson

PhDs completed in 2012

Zanele Nbada, MGMT
Sister are you out of place on top? Race, Gender and Top Management in New Zealand and South Africa
Supervisors: Deborah Jones, Todd Bridgman

Lois Parkes, HRIR
Towards a new theory of VET policy evaluations and engagement: a multiple stakeholder approach
Supervisors: Jane Bryson, Richard Norman

Jorge Velez, MGMT
Intention or Intervention: a Philosophical, Theoretical and Empirical Exploration
Supervisors: John Brocklesby, Deborah Jones

PhDs completed in 2011

Rebecca Bednarek, MGMT
Strategising for Legitimacy in Pluralistic Contexts: Exploring New Zealand’s High-tech Research Sector
Supervisors: Urs Daellenbach, Sally Davenport

Steven Finlay, MGMT
Indigenous organising in global contexts
Supervisors: John Brocklesby, Deborah Jones

PhDs completed in 2010

Marian Evans, MGMT
Development: Opening space for New Zealand women’s participation in scriptwriting for feature films — an autoethnographic exploration of the film industry
Supervisors: Deborah Jones, Ken Duncum, Lesley Hall

Chootima (June) Longjit, TOUR
Tourism destination management in Pattaya
Supervisors: Douglas Pearce; Adam Weaver

Heike Schänzel, TOUR
The joy and misery of family holidays in New Zealand: understanding the meaning of holiday experiences for the family and its members
Supervisors: Karen Smith; Adam Weaver; Douglas Pearce

PhDs completed in 2009

Sarah Burke, MGMT
Proactive socialisation of newcomers to work
Supervisors: Jane Bryson; Helena Cooper-Thomas (University of Auckland)

Karen Cronin, MGMT
Risk communication and dialogue – a critical exploration of communication practices in the management of technological risk
Supervisors: Sally Davenport; Laurie Jackson

Ashish Malik, HRIR
Factors influencing the provision of enterprise training: a study of India’s information technology (IT) sector
Supervisors: Stephen Blumenfeld; George Lafferty

Beverley McNally, MGMT
Providing a voice for the CEO
Supervisors: Dai Gilbertson; Brad Jackson

PhD completed in 2007

Chris Bottrill, TOUR
Processes of tourism product development that have sought to diversify through tourism: a comparative analysis of New Zealand and British Columbia case studies
Supervisor: Douglas Pearce

Hassanal Bagul, TOUR
Ecotourism and Local Community Participation in Sabah
Supervisor: Douglas Pearce

PhDs completed in 2006

Ralph Bathurst, MGMT
The music of organisations: an aesthetic ethnography
Supervisors: Brad Jackson; David Barry

Guilherme Lohmann, TOUR
Developing gateways as tourist destinations : ferry services and nodal functions in Wellington and Picton
Supervisors: Douglas Pearce; Mondher Sahli

Craig Roberts, MGMT
Hidden practices of leadership development: a grounded theory
Supervisor: Ken Parry

Paresha Sinha, MGMT
The Dramatic genre in leadership studies: towards an integrated framework
Supervisors: Brad Jackson; Urs Daellenbach

Davina Stanford, TOUR
Responsible tourism, responsible tourists: what makes a responsible tourist in New Zealand
Supervisors: Douglas Pearce; Karen Smith

PhD completed in 2005

Kala S Retna, MGMT
National culture and Senge’s learning organisation
Supervisors: Jane Bryson; Deborah Jones

PhDs completed in 2004

Arun Elias, MGMT
Analysing the dynamics of stakeholders in the Wellington Transmission Gully Project
Supervisor: Bob Cavana

Suresh (Mario) Fernando
Spirituality at work in entrepreneur-led business organisations: a multi-faith study
Supervisors: Brad Jackson; Marion Maddox

PhDs completed in 2003

Kesten Green, MGMT
Forecasting decisions in conflicts: analogy, game theory, unaided judgement, and simulation compared
Supervisor: Urs Daellenbach

Caroline Matangi, INRC
Management responses to HIV/AIDS in the mining industry in Zimbabwe
Supervisors: Zsuzsanna Lonti; Pat Walsh

Sally Riad, MGMT
Managing the merger integration process : a social constructionist perspective
Supervisors: Urs Daellenbach; Deborah Jones; Colin Campbell-Hunt

PhDs completed in 2002

Jovo Alteljevic, TOUR
Small tourism firms: owners, environment and management practices in the Centre Stage of New Zealand
Supervisors: Douglas Pearce; Simon Milne

Candice Harris, TOUR
Women and power: a study of NZ women business travellers
Supervisor: Irena Alteljevic

Jon Johansson, MGMT
Political leadership in New Zealand: theory and practice
Supervisor: Brad Jackson

Melanie Kan, MGMT
Identifying paradox : a grounded theory of nurse leadership in overcoming organisational change resistance
Supervisors: Ken Parry; Brad Jackson

Gay Simpkin, INRC
Moments of rupture : changing the state project for teachers : a regulation approach study in education industrial relations
Supervisor: Pat Walsh

PhD completed in 2001

Julia Hasse, TOUR
Stakeholder perceptions of tourism development in Marahau/NZ: A role for participatory approaches and GIS
Supervisor: Simon Milne, John McKinnon

PhD completed in 1999

Sarah Leberman, MGMT
The transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace: a New Zealand case study
Supervisor: Vicky Mabin

PhDs completed in 1998

Stephen Doorne, TOUR
The last resort : a study of tourism policy, power and participation on the Wellington waterfront
Supervisor: Simon Milne

Rose Ryan, INRC
Managing to compete?: employment, work and labour relations in the hospitality industry in New Zealand
Supervisor: Pat Walsh

Sarah Oxenbridge, INRC
Running to stand still : New Zealand service sector trade union responses to the Employment Contracts Act 1991
Supervisors: Kevin Hince; Pat Walsh; Gordon Anderson