Competitive Advantage New Zealand

Competitive Advantage New Zealand (CANZ) is an integrated programme of research devoted to understanding how New Zealand enterprises can develop competitive advantage that is world class.

Running since 1998, the programme has produced case-histories, articles, conference papers, seminars and a book on the sources of competitive advantage in some of New Zealand's leading businesses.

The programme is developing new models of how to build world-class businesses that take into account the distinctive challenges of New Zealand's small and isolated economy. It is funded by the Public Good Science Fund, with additional funding from the New Zealand Trade Development Board.

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Competitive Advantage New Zealand researchers

The CANZ programme is unusual both for the size of the team and the breadth of interests involved. The research team includes specialists in organisation theory, organisation behaviour, human resource management, information technology management, strategy, operations management, technology and R&D management, and decision processes. Members of the team have a long-standing commitment to researching the development of New Zealand business.

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