Recorded webinars

Access recordings of past webinars hosted by academics from the School of Management.

Researching Children in Tourism

Through presentations from four tourism researchers carrying out research with children, this webinar will explore the contemporary issues, theoretical foundations, and ethical dilemmas of tourism research involving children.

The Future of Spiritual and Religious Tourism

In the wake of Covid-19 how are global religions changing and what does this mean for tourism?

Science Fiction, Disruption and Tourism

A new book explores the future of tourism through the lens of science fiction.

XR technologies and the metaverse: Imagining the future of tourism

Imagine what tourism in 2030 will look like? Three prominent researchers in XR technologies explore how Extended Reality technologies will change the way we do tourism.

Creative places: Creative tourism in small communities

A more demanding educated tourism is driving destinations to focus on creative experiences that are local, immersive and cultural - and of benefit to both the tourist and communities. Three contributors explore aspects of small communities, technologies, and destination management.

Capitalism and sustainable tourism: Ideas, conflicts, and adaption

How can tourism in the future reconcile utopian ideals with realistic perspectives? A thinker, a leader, and a researcher examine the role of capitalism and business in the tourism system.


100% pure future—New Zealand tourism renewed

Nine writers have outlined their visions for sustainable tourism that puts the environment first and creates more meaningful exchanges between visitors and their hosts. Four contributors share their thoughts in this webinar.

A woman uses a VR headset.

(Re)Designing the future in a post-COVID-19 world

Five future thinkers at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington ponder a world beyond COVID-19, delving into the concepts of values, knowledge, governance, and education.

Man stands in front of a mountain peak with his back towards the camera.

Rethinking tourism

Three thought leaders challenge our present thinking on tourism and illustrate a pathway forward in this recorded webinar.

Two people hold hands in an empty field with mountains in the background.

Responsible tourism in New Zealand

Three thought leaders provide insights of what a responsible future could look like for tourism post COVID-19.

Signs in a shop labeled 'promotion'

Value-based pricing and revenue management in a COVID-19 world

Panelists discuss the impact of COVID-19 on value-based pricing and revenue management in the tourism industry.

Two people wearing face masks walk down a city pathway

Destination recovery strategies post COVID-19

This webinar looks at the impact, response, and recovery strategies of three destinations: New Zealand, Scotland, and New York.

Person taking a photo with a smart phone

Smart tourism in the new era of tourism

Associate Professor Ian Yeoman speaks to Professor Dimitrios Buhalis from Bournemouth University in England about how smart methodologies are key to tourism's survival.

Cutlery on a table in a cafe

What role will food play in the reimagination of New Zealand tourism post-COVID-19?

Three food tourism experts explore food tourism in a post-COVID-19 world, providing insight and practical advice for businesses.

Person walking on a nature trail

Scenarios for New Zealand tourism: Re-imagination post COVID-19

What is a resilient destination? What will global tourism look like in 2025? What will New Zealand tourism look like post COVID-19? Three leading futurists address these questions.

A swing bridge in a forest

A sustainable future for New Zealand tourism post COVID-19

Leading academics discuss what a sustainable future for New Zealand tourism might look like post COVID-19.

How will tourist behaviours change in a post COVID-19 world?

Three leading tourism researchers explore tourism in a post COVID-19 world, providing insights and practical advice for businesses.

Masculinities in field research in tourism

There is increasing public debate about masculinities as the world faces a tipping point, addressing masculinity in all its forms – positive and negative – could not be more crucial, for tourism studies and for every field of enquiry.