Research seminar schedule 2009

Wednesday 28 January

Professor O. M. Mathew

Rhythm, Karma, Transmigration and Cyclic Time-Scale as Salient Features of Indian Philosophy.


Thursday 29 January

Tae Hee Moon and So Young Sohn

Technology Credit Scoring Model Considering both SME Characteristics and Economic Conditions: The Korean Case

Thursday 26 February

Professor John Friend (Stradspan Limited, UK)

Planning under Pressure: an Interactive Approach


Friday 13 March

Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi (Doshisha University, Japan)

An Introduction to Macroeconomic Modeling Using Systems Dynamics


Thursday 7 May

Rebecca Bednarek (Management School)

Strategising for legitimacy in pluralistic contexts: Exploring New Zealand’s high-tech research sector.


Thursday 14 May

Associate Professor Jarrod Haar (Waikato University)

The Benefits of Supporting Maori Culture in Organisations: A Study of Maori Employees.


Thursday 11 June

Dr Sally Riad (Management School)

Invoking Cleopatra to Read the Shifting Grid of Leadership.


Thursday 2 July

Dr Todd Bridgman (Victoria University of Wellington)

Beyond the Manager’s Moral Dilemma: Rethinking the ‘Ideal Type'Business Ethics Case.


Thursday 16 July

Professor Paul F. Clark (Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations Penn State University)

Reshaping of Labor-Management Relations in the U.S.


Thursday 23 July

Associate Professor Urs Daellenbach (Victoria University of Wellington)

‘Belonging’ to a Virtual Research Centre: Exploring the Influence of Social Capital Formation Processes on Member Identification in a Virtual Organization.


Monday 10 August

Richard Zining Guo (School of Management, Boston University)

Structuring Innovation Strategies: The Case of Automobile Fuel Economy


Thursday 13 August

David Rees (Victoria University of Wellington)

Understanding the impact of context on the design and implementation of care for people with chronic conditions: a system dynamics approach.


Thursday 10 Sept

Dr Jim Sheffield (Victoria University of Wellington)

Collaborative Urban Planning in Auckland?


Monday 28 September

Prof. P.R. Bhatt

Competitiveness of New Zealand: A Comparison with Five Countries.


Friday 30 October

Professor Dr. Klaus Moeller (Pforzheim University, Germany)

Logistics Networks – Structural Design and Performance Indicators.


Thursday 5 November

Cesar Guala Catalan (Victoria University of Wellington) - Institutional change in National Tourism Administrations: the case of the Chilean Tourism National Board Sernatur.


Thursday 19 November

Dr John Moriarty (Victoria University of Wellington)

Finding New Theory? How can we Know?


Thursday 26 November

Prof Mike Pidd (Lancaster University, UK) - Modelling Career Development in the European Commission.


Wednesday 9 December

Natalia Pushkavera (Victoria University of Wellington)

Authenticity in Tourist Experience Phenomenological Perspective.