Management is a human activity that involves both people and analytical skills, and the study of management gives insights into the operation of organisations.

Study in the management discipline provides insights into how people behave, how decisions are made, and how strategies are chosen to what provides a source of sustainable advantage, how innovations are generated, and how to achieve an effective alignment of an organisation within its environment.

It introduces a multicultural perspective and addresses managing both large and small enterprises and also commercial, industrial, service and government-owned and operated organisations. Our current students, graduates, and their employers are very positive about the benefits of including management courses in your degree.

The research and teaching of the Management Group within the School of Management spans a wide range of knowledge areas including competitive advantage, corporate governance, critical management studies, decision theory, entrepreneurship, innovation, management education, management science, management theory, epistemology and methodology, operations management, organisation behaviour, communication, design and theory, services management, sports management, strategic management, systems thinking and technology management.

Members of the group are actively involved in numerous research projects including Competitive Advantage New Zealand and Building Our Productivity.

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