Research seminar schedule

Monday 29 Sept

Garoon Pongsart (Victoria University of Wellington)

Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Appreciative Inquiry (AI): A Comparative Study of Their Effectiveness for Understanding and Improving Masters


Thursday 9th Oct

Professor Stephen Cummings (Victoria University of Wellington)

How the History of ‘Long Range Planning’ May Guide the Future of Strategy.


Thursday 23rd Oct

Dr Deborah Jones (Victoria University of Wellington)

Being Pākehā in New Zealand Organizations: Negotiating Race Relations


Friday 24th Oct

Lois Parkes (Victoria University)

A critical comparative analysis of stakeholders’ evaluation of New Zealand’s Industry Training Strategy.


Tuesday 11th Nov

Associate Professor Ian Yeoman (Victoria University of Wellington)

From Bubble Cars to No Cars – How a Small Country Used Scenario Planning to discuss the Future of Transport and Tourism in 2025.


Friday 28th Nov

Professor Eero Vaara (Hanken School of Economics &Chair of EGOS)

On the Darker Side of Globalization: A Critical Discursive Analysis of the Legitimation of Global Industrial Restructuring.


Thursday 20 Nov

Associate Professor Torben Anderson (The Technical University of Denmark)

Overseas Experiences - Challenging Mainstream Assumptions through Survey Data on Danish Knowledge Workers.