Club Awards and Recognition

The annual Blues and Gold Awards celebrate the successes of our athletes and clubs.

Blue Awards

The Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington Blue Awards recognise a student’s outstanding performance in representing their region and/or New Zealand while successfully progressing their academic studies. They also recognise high-performing clubs that have achieved sporting success.

Find out more about the Blue Awards.

Gold Awards

The Gold Awards, presented by VUWSA, recognise the most outstanding clubs of the year and reward exceptional contribution to the student experience. For more information on the Gold Awards, or to apply for your club, go to the VUWSA website.

Wellington Plus

The Wellington Plus Programme is the University’s award-winning extracurricular service and leadership development programme. It connects you with your community, provides leadership opportunities, and develops your social responsibility and employability skills. The programme is self-directed and you can tailor it to suit your schedule, studies, and interests.

Wellington International Leadership Programme

The Wellington International Leadership Programme (WILP) is a free, self-paced, co-curricular programme aimed at enhancing any degree and making participants more globally aware.

Visit the website to discover the benefits and register for the programme.