Athlete living options

Athlete Friendly Living options aim to create a supportive and positive living environment for students pursuing competitive sport alongside tertiary study.

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington offers ‘athlete-friendly living’ options in Te Puni Village.

Te Puni Village—home for student athletes

Athlete-friendly-living at Te Puni Village offers student athletes and committed sportspeople the opportunity to live alongside one another on a dedicated floor, sharing similar experiences while balancing sport and study. By co-locating student athletes, they can create a living environment and community that supports them in achieving their potential in both arenas.

As a student athlete, you will experience:

  • being part of a community of students committed to juggling competitive sport and tertiary study
  • ready access to the wider support available to the University’s student athletes
  • hall management and residential advisors who are committed to athlete-friendly living
  • fitness recovery tools in the communal living space on your floor
  • Athlete Friendly Living floors are alcohol free.