University Recreation guidelines

The University Recreation guidelines ensure everyone using our facilities feels safe. All users must read and agree to the guidelines for acceptable use.

  1. Our values are respect, responsibility, fairness, integrity and empathy. We expect users to apply these values whilst using facilities.
  2. All recreation participants must be 16 years or older.
  3. All users must conduct themselves in a respectful, considerate manner. This includes finishing bookings on time and leaving spaces and equipment tidy.
  4. Staff reserve the right to deny the use of facilities or equipment if they deem behaviour is disrespectful, unsafe, in breach of our rules, or goes against our values.
  5. Users are responsible for their own personal property and health and safety.
  6. All accidents, injuries and damage to equipment must be reported to a staff member.
  7. Photography and video recording are not permitted without prior approval from University Recreation.
  8. The consumption of alcohol and/or intoxicated persons are not tolerated in any Recreation spaces.
  9. Have fun, stay safe and enjoy!