Casual play

Outside of bookings, many of our spaces are available at no cost for casual use–a great way to make the most of downtime between classes at Kelburn.

Playing casual sports games is a great way to connect with other students and make the most of downtime between classes at Kelburn.

You are welcome to use the court facilities at University Recreation’s main gym or you can play table tennis in the activities space in the Recreation Centre. You can either book and pay for these spaces or just turn up and play at no cost if the spaces are free.

The Boyd-Wilson complex includes an indoor and outdoor turf. The outdoor field is free for casual use and you can also book for larger groups. Boyd-Wilson Arena indoor turf is great on a rainy day—while it’s not available for casual use you can pay to book it.

See our venues and book a space

Some equipment can be borrowed or hired for a small charge from the Recreation Centre reception.

Just Play—drop in sports sessions

Just Play sessions are free, flexible, and open to everyone—perfect for students who are keen to stay active and meet like-minded people, but don’t want a regular or ongoing commitment.

Spaces are reserved for a range of sports at regular times each week, so students can just turn up and play. Equipment is provided free of charge.

Drop in sports sessions

  • Tennis: Mondays, 5.30–6.30pm. Meet at Salamanca Road tennis courts.
  • Running: Mondays 6.15 pm. Meet at the Recreation Centre, Kelburn.
  • Badminton: Wednesdays 2–4pm, Main Gym, Recreation Centre, Kelburn.
  • Volleyball: Thursdays 2–4pm, Main Gym, Recreation Centre, Kelburn.
  • Basketball: Fridays 1–3.30pm, Main Gym, Recreation Centre, Kelburn.

It’s up to those who attend to manage how the time and space is used—you can always see one of our friendly staff if you need any help