Group exercise programme

Our group exercise programme has a wide range of classes to choose from—see what’s on offer and view the timetable.

University Recreation offers classes in Pump, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, HIIT boxing, Step, Power, and our challenging small-group 3XF workouts. Most group classes are held in the Dance Room, so you get to work out while enjoying a view over the city.


The Trimester 1 timetable runs from Monday 26 February 2024 to Sunday 7 July 2024. Please note we will operate our off-peak reduced timetable from Monday 3 June to Sunday 7 July 2024.

All group classes run for 50 minutes, except for Functional HIIT and Spin, which are 45 minutes.

Download the Trimester 1, 2024 timetable.

New Spin classes!

Spin is arriving on Kelburn Campus, launching Trimester 1, 2024. Spin is a 45-minute indoor cycling class focusing on strength, speed, and endurance.

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Class descriptions


New for 2024! Spin is a 45-minute indoor cycling class focusing on strength, speed, and endurance. It is a challenging and fun cardio workout, without the impact. Come along to boost your mood, fitness, and overall energy levels!


Combines stretching, breathing, balance, strength and relaxation moves. It helps tone muscles, eliminate tension, and ease chronic pain.

Slow flow yoga

A slower paced yoga class that combines stretching, breathing, balance, strength, and relaxation moves.


A cross-fit style class combining weights/Olympic lifts and body weight exercises that adds variety, a challenge and new fitness skills to your workout. See more details about these classes below.


Based on a series of exercises that build core strength, improving the way your body looks, feels, and functions.

Active Stretch

Enhances flexibility and mobility and reduces tension and muscle tightness allowing you to perform everyday activities with ease.


A weight-lifting class to tone, burn fat and strengthen muscles. Load your bar to suit your strength.


Workout using a variety of step patterns using a platform. A great way to get fit, strengthen and shape the lower body.


A high energy, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance class. Ditch the workout and join the party!

Power cardio

Exercises based on the weight-training principle of progressive loading combined with cardio. A great workout for strengthening all your major muscle groups.


The first non-dance-based class from the Zumba fitness brand. Classes revolve around high-intensity interval training, but still focus on moving to the beat.

Functional HIIT

A 45-minute high intensity workout designed to improve your overall fitness, strength and mobility. The combination of functional movements with cardio will leave you feeling fitter and stronger to complete daily activities

Dance Party

A dance-based workout to get your sweat on while having fun learning new dance moves. An inclusive and encouraging class where no dance experience is required.

HIIT Boxing

A high intensity workout that teaches basic boxing skills, or develops the skills you already have.