Student Athlete Network

The Student Athlete Network aims to help student athletes through practical assistance, development opportunities, and a supportive community.

Support services

Core support services of the Student Athlete Network include:

  • a point of contact for general advice and support
  • updates and information regarding student athlete support
  • a range of relevant seminars and workshops
  • access to sponsorship funding
  • exclusive use of the functional training room on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6–7 am (commencement date TBC)
  • connecting student athletes together.

Identified members of the Student Athlete Network will also receive:

  • free access to fitness facilities and group exercise classes on campus
  • support from a qualified fitness trainer.

Who is the Student Athlete Network for?

We encourage all students pursuing competitive sport while studying at the University to join the Student Athlete Network and become part of our community.

The Network is aimed at student athletes competing at a representative level (regional or national), or students who aspire to reach this level.


All members are encouraged to regularly engage with and participate in the opportunities provided through the Network. This is important in creating a supportive community of student athletes at the University.

It is expected that members are willing to share their sporting successes and journeys by providing images and video footage that can be celebrated within the Network and the wider university community.


To join the 2023 Student Athlete Network, complete the registration form.

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Upcoming seminars and events

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