Personal training

For specific programmes or personal training, our qualified and friendly trainers can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Our fitness services are available at both our Kelburn and Pipitea fitness facilities. Check out our fitness advisor profiles to see which of our amazing fitness advisors best suits your needs.


50% off 3XF classes for the remainder of 2022!

Our 3XF classes consist of 50-minute small group training sessions held in our newly renovated Functional Training Room, and are lead by one of our expert coaches.

These classes are designed for people wanting a challenge, more variety in their workouts, and those wanting to learn some new fitness skills. Build strength, jumpstart your fun, functional fitness journey in an encouraging and motivating environment.

3XF is an affordable way to receive increased support from a trainer and become part of a community.

Each session consists of one trainer and a class of 8-15 participants, and are held at 7am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

$5 per session for students (Victoria University of Wellington only)
$8 per session for non-students

Kick Start programme

A Kick Start session is aimed at first-time gym users who would like advice on using equipment and a basic programme to follow.

One of our friendly trainers will work with you to help you feel comfortable, set your health and fitness goals and prepare a programme that will help you on your way to achieving them.

Cost: $20 per session.

Returning to exercise safely post Covid-19

When you have been unwell with Covid-19, and have not been exercising or limited with your movement, your body can easily fatigue. Exercising at a high intensity too soon may prolong your recovery or heighten symptoms.

It is important that you return to exercise safely. We recommend that people returning to exercise at Uni Rec start slowly, at a lower intensity and gradually build. Listen to your body and remember to treat it kindly.

See the University Recreation return to exercise safely document for more information.

Personal training

If you need a bit of extra motivation, we offer affordable personal training options. Our qualified personal trainers will tailor a programme to suit each individual.

1 x 60min$35$55
1 x 30min$20$30
5 x 60min$160$260
10 x 30min$160$260

Terms and conditions apply for concession cards.

Programme prescription

If you have a specific goal in mind or you're training for a particular event, the programme prescription allows you to work with one of our trainers to create (or alter) a programme that is tailored to your goals.

You will have an initial consult to detemine your goals, then a follow up session to explain and demonstrate the programme they have created for you.

Cost: $40 per programme.